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  • 065. History Timelines in Your Homeschool
    There are so many creative methods to make history timelines a fun and enriching part of your homeschool curriculum.
    Check out the Book of Centuries and Timeline Figures
  • Workboxes: What Are They and Why Should You Use Them?
    If you’re new to homeschooling or just looking for some fresh inspiration in your routine, workboxes may be the perfect addition to your homeschool! 
    Get your FREE Workbox labels!
  • 063. What is the Best Math Curriculum?
    There are a million programs out there. So what is the best math curriculum? We’re exploring how to select the best choice for your family!
    Get your FREE math resource
  • 062. Teach Black History All Year Long
    Black history is not just a chapter in our collective narrative; it is a continuous thread woven into the fabric of our society. Learn about breaking free from the limitations of designated months and exploring the importance of teaching Black history throughout the entire homeschool year.
  • 061. Talk, Read, and Sing Together Everyday

    Talking, reading and singing with your child every day from birth makes them happier and helps build their brains.Get your FREE Nursery Rhyme Posters!
  • Black History & Stories in Your Homeschool Pre-K-12th
    Learn about Achievements and History of Black Americans in your homeschool by snuggling up with some great books!
  • 060. 20 Fun Activities to Improve Your Student’s Writing

    One of the best ways to keep kids engaged with writing is to integrate a fun activity alongside our regular curriculum. FREE Creative Writing Prompts and Templates!
  • 059. Family Favorite Board Games

    We are kicking off the year sharing 25 of our all-time favorite family games. FREE Board Game Template and Year in Review Sheet!
  • 058. Time Management, Stress, Organization, Study Skills
    High School Series 012
    Stress is normal but you can help your teen manage all the things and keep their stress in check. Tune in for more info! FREE Time Blocking Sheet
  • 057. Homeschooling in the Kitchen
    Encouraging kids to learn how to cook is an invaluable life skill that extends far beyond the kitchen. Tune in to learn more and Get your FREE Recipe Templates
  • 056. How Do You Create a Unit Study?
    Unit studies are a great option for homeschoolers. They foster a deeper understanding of a subject by exploring it in detail and encouraging critical thinking. Get your FREE Unit Study Planner
  • Unit Study Ideas
    Unit Studies can open up a world of possibilities, allowing you to follow your child’s interests and curiosities wherever they may lead. See our extensive list of Unit Study Ideas
    get your FREE Unit Study Template
  • 055. Navigating Technology, Social Media, and Gaming in High School
    In today’s interconnected world, technology, social media, and gaming have become integral aspects of our kids’ lives which raises unique challenges and opportunities. Get your FREE Guide to Online Gaming Safely
  • The Ultimate Homeschool Museum Tours: 30 Virtual Museums to Explore
    Discover a world of wonders without leaving your home! Explore the 30 most captivating online museums and elevate your homeschooling experience to new heights.
  • 054. How Do Homeschoolers Transition from Elementary to Middle School?
    Learn how to guide your homeschooler in transitioning from elementary to middle school. Little kid to Big kid! Give your child the tools to make meaningful friendships: Get your FREE Tween Friend Guide
  • 053. Teen Independence and Life Skills including Driving
    Help your teenager gain independence and life skills including steps to becoming a driver, making safe decisions on and off the road.
    Get your FREE Auto Maintenance and Repair Guide
  • 052. Education Vacation
    Learn how educational travel can enrich your children’s education in profound ways.
    Get your FREE Education Vacation Planner
  • 051. Homeschool PE, Health, and Sex Ed
    Health, fitness, and Sex Ed are crucial components of a well-rounded education. Teach your children to make lifelong healthy habits that last!
    Get your FREE Fitness Dice!
  • 050. Self-Care for the Homeschool Parent
    11 ways to self-care ensuring that you’re at your best for not only your family, but for yourself. 
    Get your FREE Complete Homeschooler’s Guide with 200+ Ideas Workbook
  • Homeschool Freebies PreK-12th Grades: Instant Download!
    Get Daily FREE Homeschool Resources INSTANTLY. These resources are a collection from all over the world. Join the FB group for the most up to date freebies. Join Today!
  • 049. Internships, First Job, Money, Entrepreneurships
    Homeschool Teens are making a big impact on the world as their education intersects the adult world of internships, jobs, entrepreneurships, and other exciting opportunities
    Get your FREE Teen Business Start-up Packet
  • 40 Business Ideas For Teens
    The next big idea can come from anyone, including teenagers. Homeschooling allows for more time and flexible schedule for business success!
    Get your FREE Teen Business Start-up Packet
  • 048. Music and Art in Your Homeschool
    The study of great works of art, the listening to uplifting pieces of music, and the freedom to be creative in any subject can enrich your children’s lives!
    Songwriter Book AND Music Note Lesson & Composition Book
  • 047. Socialization: Will My Homeschooler Be a Weirdo?
    We’re debunking this common MYTH! Homeschoolers have MORE OPPORTUNITIES to socialize since they are not limited to a classroom setting all day!
    Download your FREE Complete List of 100 Ways to SOCIALIZE Your Homeschooler!
  • 046. 12 Ways to Balance Your Home and Homeschool
    12 steps to help you find balance with your home and homeschool.
    Get your FREE Weekly Chore & Cleaning Charts AND Meal Planner!
  • Outschool: What is it and should I use it in my homeschool?
    Outschool is an education platform that connects teachers of any subject with students around the world for a variety of engaging small-group classes online. It can be a huge time saver and opportunity in your homeschool!
  • 045. High School Socialization, Friendships, and Dating
    How much time should my high schooler spend with friends?
    What can I do to help my high schooler develop meaningful friendships
    Should my high schooler date?
    Get your FREE Healthy Teen Relationship E-Guide
  • 044. Hidden Agenda in Homeschool Groups and Organizations
    What does Religious, Secular, and Inclusive really mean?
    Do you REALLY need to join HSLDA?
    How do you find out if a group is right for your family and avoid scams?
    Download your FREE Curriculum Comparison Sheet!
  • 043. Top 10 Books Every Homeschool Parent Should Read
    See our TOP 10 Favorite Homeschool Books and learn why you should read them!
    Download your FREE Companion Workbook!
  • 042. Favorite Books for Middle Schoolers
    Learn strategies to ignite a love for reading for your middle schooler and tips to finding the perfect book to get them excited about literature.
    Get your FREE Reading Book Planner!
  • 041. Gaining Confidence as a Homeschooler
    Every one of us has had feelings of fear and worry. We are giving you the tools you’ll need when you’re struggling and needing assurance.
    Get your FREE Choosing to Homeschool Reflections Workbook
  • 040. Homeschool Extracurricular & Volunteering
    Adding extracurricular and volunteer hours to your teen’s high school isn’t only fun, it helps create diverse and interesting students and makes them stand out on high school transcripts and job interviews.
    Download your FREE Workbook!
  • Making a Jell-O Cell
    Create an edible cell model with your children to help them understand the structure of cells in a fun and hands-on way!
    FREE Cell Pack!
  • 039. First Day of Homeschool
    It’s back to homeschool and time! Learn ways to celebrate your first day.
    FREE 1st day signs and 1st Day Interview Packet!
  • The Bittersweet Beauty of Homeschooling: From Little Feet to Flying Wings
    As I reflect on our homeschooling journey, I realize how profoundly it has shaped our lives and the special connection we share. I often find myself longing for the days when their little feet would patter down the hallway and they would jump into my bed for morning snuggles.
  • 038. How Do You Homeschool Kindergarten?
    How do you begin? What does my Kindergartener Need to Know? What does a day in the life of a homeschool Kindergartener look like? What curriculum should I use for my Kindergartener? Tune in to find out!
    Download your FREE Skills Checklist
  • Free Audiobooks for Kids
    Trying to prep dinner or working one on one with another child? A good audiobook for your kids can give you the space to get things done! Audiobooks are a fantastic way to entertain your kids with classic and modern stories, introduce them to historical periods and situations that are different from their own, and help them practice listening comprehension. 
  • K-1st Grade Curriculum Choices
    Find the best curriculum for your child and your family. View our favorite secular curriculum choices. UPDATED FREQUENTLY
    Download the completle Skills Checklist for PreK-12th grade
  • Homeschooling FAQ Guide
    Homeschooling FAQ Guide

    We answer some of the most common questions as you consider or are ready to homeschool your children. You’re not alone!

  • 037. 7 Steps to Choosing Curriculum
    There are a lot of things to consider when deciding what to use. Don’t waste time and money on curricula that doesn’t work for your family. By following the 7 STEPS that we lay out for you, you will be able to find exactly what works for you to set your homeschool up for success.
  • Navigating College Acceptance Letters
    To help you navigate the emotional roller coaster when college acceptance letters start to arrive, we have some tips to make this journey more manageable for both you and your child.
  • 036. Applying to Colleges and Finding Scholarships
    College isn’t cheap and transitioning from homeschool to a four-year university may seem overwhelming and you probably have a lot of questions but don’t worry! We’re going to walk you through the application process and the best way to get some extra cash to pay for it all! Get your FREE Editable College Application Organizer
  • 035. Best and Worst Homeschool Buys
    We interviewed hundreds of seasoned homeschool moms with real stories and real advice. Tune In as we spill the beans on what worked, what didn’t, and how to make your homeschool budget count!
    Download your FREE Summer Fun Pack and Reading List Bundle
  • The Ultimate North Texas Homeschool Resource List
    This homeschool resource list is dedicated to helping North Texas families find SECULAR resources that align with their family values. We encourage you to help keep this information accurate.
  • FREE Unit Study: Before the 4th of July
    Journey with Kaya in this FREE Unit Study for K-6th to. Learn about the diverse Indigenous nations that continue to shape the very fabric of this nation.
  • Homeschool Lesson Planner and Ultimate Organizer
    The BTDT Planner is an essential tool for every homeschooling family! This 187-page planner is all about tailoring it to your unique needs and making your homeschooling journey a breeze.
    See a Video Walk-Through of Our Planner!
  • LGBTQ+ History
    The LGBTQ+ history is often left out of history curricula. Learn how to teach LGBTQ+ history, inclusion, and celebrate differences in your Homeschool.

    Includes age appropriate book ist – fiction and nonfiction!

  • Free Summer Reading Challenge Bundle
    Ignite your child’s imagination and keep them motivated all summer with our FREE Summer Reading Challenge List and Log.
  • 034. Deschooling 101: A Vital Step to a Successful Homeschool
    As you embark on this new journey, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. Thoughts about which curriculum to choose and how to begin may be racing in your mind. While your enthusiasm to jump in is admirable, don’t skip this crucial step!
    Get your FREE Deschooling and Boredom Idea List!
  • 033. Homeschool Conferences and Conventions
    FREE Convention Survival Toolkit Bundle

    Homeschool conferences offer invaluable opportunities to gain insights, connect with like-minded individuals, and enhance your homeschooling journey.

  • 032. College Entrance Exams
    What is the TSI and Accuplacer?
    What’s the difference between the PSAT, SAT, and ACT?
    How do I prepare my child for entrance exams?
  • 031. Planning Your Homeschool Year
    When should I plan for the next school year? Do I have to teach all subjects? How do I organize my homeschool room? Tune in!
    Get your FREE Homeschool Planner Templates!
  • Top 25 Homeschool Essentials
    FREE Planner Templates!

    Our TOP 25 Homeschool Essentials List that you should incorporate in your homeschool space to kick off your school year.

  • 030. Early Elementary Hands-On Science
    How do I ignite a love and wonder for STEM in our homeschool?
    What are our favorite experiments?
    How do you create young critical thinkers?
  • Cornstarch Speaker Experiment
    It’s Alive! This Non-Newtonian Experiment is fun for all ages. Watch how oobleck behaves on top of a speaker. So creepy and fun!
  • 029. Around The World In Your Homeschool
    What are some fun ways to learn geography? How do you teach about different cultures in your homeschool? What are our favorite geography resources? Tune in!
    Download your FREE Geography Bundle!
  • Discovering Geography and Culture Through Food
    We’ve enjoyed Universal Yums for years. Bring food to your lessons. Get a new country every month!
  • Take a Celestial Hike
    Learn about distances in our solar system by taking an interplanetary hike! Get your FREE celestial printable!
  • Postcrossing
    Receiving postcards from different places in the world can really turn your mailbox into an adventure. Postcrossing is a fun, simple, and free project that anyone can do and at any age. It’s like traveling, but without a passport!
  • 028. How Do You Keep Learning Fun?
    My child hates writing so how do I make that fun?
    What are the best learning games?
    How do you break up the monotony mid semester?
  • 027. Advanced Courses and Testing
    Should your student take Advanced Courses and Testing? Pros & Cons of Dual Credit, CLEP, AP, Honors, DSST and ACE.
  • Book of Centuries and Timeline Figures
    Timelines have long been used as a visual representation of historical events. Relate subjects together and view historical events as interrelated in your homeschool with our Book of Centuries and Timeline Figures. They are the perfect combination to make history come alive!
  • 026. Where Do Homeschoolers Go For Fieldtrips?
    Are field trips expensive for homeschoolers?
    How do you find unique field trips?
    How do you organize a field trip?
    Get your FREE Field Trip Bundle!
  • 100 Field Trips Ideas
    Adding field trips to your homeschool will make learning come alive for your children and create lifelong memories. Check out our 100 Awesome Homeschool Field Trip Ideas.
  • 025. How Do You Successfully Teach Math?
    How do you deal with math mistakes?
    What if my child is anxious when teaching math?
    Do homeschoolers need to give math tests?
    Get TWO freebies this week: Multiplication Wheels and Math Charts!
  • Top Math Games
    Games are a great way to learn math or take a break from boring worksheets. Our games are categorized to help master each math concept with fun!
  • 024. Favorite Books For New Readers
    Finding the right book is essential to help to ignite young readers and set them up for a life-long love of literature. We will discuss branching into beginning chapter books and talk about great read-alouds they will love!
  • Top 50 Books for New Readers
    Finding the right book is essential in helping to ignite your young readers and set them up for a life-long love of literature. On this booklist, we have picked a selection of short, illustrated books that were our family favorites and are perfect for children launching into independent reading.
  • 023. High School Documents
    How do you keep homeschool records?
    How do you write a transcript?
    What is a Counselor Letter and School Report?
  • 022. Homeschooling In The Wild
    What are the benefits of outdoor nature time?
    How do you get your family to spend more time outside?
    How do you incorporate nature study into your homeschool?
  • 021. How Do You Homeschool a Child with a Learning Difference?
    What are the most common learning differences?
    How do I homeschool a child with a learning difference?
    Will having a special need hold my child back?
    Download this week’s FREE resources!
  • 020. 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Homeschooling
    What was a waste of time?
    What should I have spent more time on?
    What is the biggest lesson I have learned?
  • 019. High School Core Subjects and Electives
    How to decide High School Core Subjects?
    What electives should my highschooler take?
    What constitutes a high school credit?
  • Stamped from the Beginning
    This book has helped to open my eyes to what has been happening in the U.S. since the days of slavery and teach that in my homeschool.
  • 018. What is a homeschool lifestyle?
    How do you create lifelong learners?
    How do you create habits that work for the entire family?
    How do you create an environment that inspires learners?
  • High School Electives for Homeschoolers
    When it comes to electives, your imagination is all that limits you! Typically, there will be one to three elective courses in each year of high school.
  • A Place to Belong
    Amber O’Neal Johnston’s book will help you teach your children to navigate the beauty and challenges of multiculturalism. When I saw that Julie Bogart wrote the forward, I knew it would align with my family and celebrate the culture I want to create for my own children.
  • 017. How Do You Prepare a Middle Schooler for High School?
    What does your middle schooler need to know?
    How do you deal with sibling growing pains?
    How do you motivate your middle schooler?
  • Top 15 Planner Strategies for Middle and High School Students
    Help keep your homeschooler organized by teaching them how to plan out their day. FREE printable Study Planner and SMART goals chart!
  • Once In a Lifetime Comet
    Feb. 1 & 2, Comet C/2022 E3 will be 26.4 million miles away from Earth and the best chance to see with the naked eye. Visit to Learn about comets. Freebie!
  • 016. How Do You Survive a Bad Day?
    How do you homeschool an angry child?
    When should you abandon ship?
    How do you survive big life changes while homeschooling?
  • 015. How Do You Teach Your Child To Read?
    When is my child ready to read? What curriculum should I use? Can I teach reading with games? Tune in!
  • No-Prep Activities to Celebrate MLK, Jr.
    Commemorate the life and life’s work of Dr. King in your homeschool. We’ve compiled 16 simple activities you can do with your children to honor Dr. king’s legacy..
  • 014. How Do You Make a 4-Year High School Plan?
    What do you need to know before you start high school?
    What are homeschool graduation requirements?
    How do you plan for your homeschooler’s future?
  • March: Book One
    I bought this book out of admiration for John Lewis’ life and work and got much more out of it. Freebie!
  • 013. Homeschooling on a Budget
    Can I afford to homeschool?
    What do I need to buy to homeschool?
    How much does curricula cost?
  • 012. Q&A Special Episode
    Q & A Episode
    Our Special Year End Episode to answer YOUR questions!
  • 011. All About Family
    How do you balance multi-age students?
    How do you encourage strong sibling relationships?
    How do you encourage extended family support?
  • 010. But What About High School?
    Can my homeschooler get a diploma?
    Do I need to teach calculus?
    Can my homeschooler go to college?
  • 009. Schedules, Routines & Rhythms
    What’s the difference between schedules, routines & rhythms?
    How do I organize the day?
    What are some different planning methods?
  • 008. Holiday Break & Homeschooling
    How do you stay on track during a long break?
    How to incorporate the holidays into you school?
    How to motivate your child after a long break?
  • 007. How To Find Your People
    What are co-ops, university model and micro-schools?
    How to find support?
    How to start your own group?
  • What Should Your Preschooler Know?
    When should I start homeschooling?
    What age should my child learn to read?
    What curriculum do I need? download your FREE Preschool Routine Charts!
  • 005. But What About the Prom?
    Will my child be a weirdo?
    Can my child go to college?
    How do I deal with naysayers?
  • 004. Homeschool Styles and Philosophies
    How to identify your world view?
    What are the different homeschool philosophies?
    How to identify your child’s learning style? 
  • 003. How To Get Started
    What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?
    Can I homeschool in my state?
    How do I withdraw my child from public school?
    What is “deschooling?”
  • 002. Host Introductions
    Who are we?
    What is our homeschool story?
    How did we get started in homeschooling?
  • 001. Trailer – Intro & what’s this podcast about?
    Been There Done That Homeschool Podcast is an all-inclusive space for your everyday parent looking for education options. Check out our 3min trailer!
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