100 Awesome Homeschool Field Trip Ideas
Involve your kids in the planning process!

Field trips can be more than just extras in your homeschool. They are one of the best tools you have in your homeschooling toolbox.  Adding field trips to your homeschool will make learning come alive for your children and create lifelong memories. Field trips are the perfect example of hands-on, real-life learning and they are one of the best ways to enjoy learning in a fun way with a homeschool group or just with your own family. It’s great to use a field trip as a nice break after a busy week or use it as a way to complement a lesson you are already doing.  

Benefits of field trips include real life learning beyond books, socialization, motivation, information retention, family bonding and exercise, and even future career exploration.  Field trips can raise your spirits, renew your zest for learning, and give kids a break from the challenging tasks of day-to-day bookwork.

Field trips don’t need to be expensive.  There are many community and public service type field trips ideas that are totally free. You can also check out our extensive Free Online Virtual Museum Tours.

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There are also these two organizations that offer amazing reciprocal programs:

Basically, if you have a membership in your town to one of these participating museums or facilities or to the program itself, you can often use the benefits in other places. These programs are: 

ASTC Passport Program

If you are a member of a science center or museum participating in the, you are eligible for benefits such as free general admission when you travel outside of your local area. 

American Horticultural Society 

A current membership card from here or from a garden participating in our Reciprocal Admissions Program (RAP) entitles you to special admission privileges and discounts* at 345+ gardens throughout North America! 

Free Field Trip Pack

As you plan field trips for your homeschool, this resource will help you take full advantage of these natural learning opportunities. This homeschool field trip pack includes:
*Tips to planning a field trip
*100 field trip idea check-off list
*Review sheet to help your kids reflect on their experience. Give your children prompts for writing and drawing about their adventures.

Field Trip Pack
Download your Free Field Trip Pack>>

100 Field Trips:

Public Services

1. State or Nation’s Capitol 

Texas State Capital

2. Airport/Air Traffic Control Tower or radar facility

Meeting a pilot and sitting in the captain’s seat

3. Fire Station 

Impromtu firestation field trip to get a halloween ring cut off

4. Police Station

5. City Hall

Dallas City Hall

6. Safety town

Frisco Safety Town

7. Post Office

8. Library Tour

Free Library program introducing reptiles

9. Local university tour

10. Recycling Center

11. Environmental Centers

12. Power plant

13. Water treatment facility

14. US Mint or Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

15. Federal Buildings or monuments: National Archive

Sam Houston Statue


16. Train Depot or Railway Museum/stockyard

Steam Engine

17. Bus/Trolley station or museum

DART Public Transportation

18. Boat/marina

Boating Lesson from Uncle Jojo

19. Regional Airport/FBO/Heliport

DFW Founder’s Plaza

20. Aviation Museum

Community field trips

21. Bakery

22. Pizza Parlor

23. Local Coffee Shop/Bean Roaster

Fair trade and entrepreneur field trip

24. Grocery Store

25. Factory Tours

26. Amazon warehouse

Amazon Warehouse

27. Ice cream shop

Dallas Sugar Factory

28. Science lab tours

29. Music recording studio

30. TV or radio station

31. Military base

The Arts

32. Symphony Hall

Meyerson Symphony Hall

33. Opera House

34. Theater

Hamilton on Broadway

35. Children’s Theatre or puppet theater

36. Local universities or community college arts performances, exhibits, or installations

37. Local community concerts/live events 

Shakespeare in the Park

38. Open Mic nights

Open Mic Night

39. Hands on art instruction classes or make your own places


40. Amusement Park


41. John Deere or farm Feed & Seed store

42. Pumpkin patch

43. Nature Hikes on local trails

Nature hike to the lake

44. Nature Centers/Wildlife Preserve

Riding a camel

45. Beekeeper or Beekeepers convention

Texas Beekeepers Association

46. Christmas Tree Farm

47. Fruit Picking

Blueberry Farm

48. Farmers Market

49. State and National Parks


50. Caves, mountains, other natural land formations

Longhorn Cavern State Park

51. Lakes, rivers, creeks or canoeing or kayaking

Kayaking Possum Kingdom

52. Dams/bridges

Langley Covered Bridge

53. Arboretum/Botanical Garden/Greenhouse


Civil War Museum where they horrified the children by illustrating battle wound care.

54. Local Landmarks

55. Cemetery tour

56. Battlefields/Birthplaces

57. Holocaust/Human Rights Museum

58. Historical Societies/Sites/Events

Printing press at historical fair

59. Colonial Reenactments or “Pioneer” Trips

60. Blacksmithing, Woodworking, Glassblowing, Pottery, Basket or Candle Making Demonstrations

Blacksmith in Historic Grapevine

61. Native American Cultural Centers and sites

62. Archaeological dig


63. Aquariums

Dallas World Aquarium

64. Local reptile store

Bearded Dragon

65. Zoo or Wildlife Refuge

Fossil rim Wildlife Center

66. Farm or Ranch

Rehoboth Ranch

67. Veterinarian or Animal Shelter

68. Fish Hatchery

69. Marine Animal rescue or center 

Starfish Rescue


70. Art/Sculpture Museum

Nasher Sculpture Museum Workshop

72. Science Museum

Frisco Discovery Center

71. History Museum

Dallas Heritage Village

73. Military/War Museum

USS Midway

74. Music Museum

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

75. Flight Museum

Frontiers of Flight

76. Cultural Museum

77. Presidential Museum or Library

Presidential Library

78. Planetarium/Observatory/Astronomy Club

Griffith Observatory

79. Imax

80. Space center


Festivals or Cultural Activities

81. Renaissance Festival

82. Cultural festivals-Greek, Celtic, festival, Chinese New Year, International Festival, etc. 

Chinese New Year

83. Church/Synagogue/Mosque/Temple


84. Balloon Festival

85. Gem and Mineral convention

86. Music Festivals

87. PowWows

88. Air shows

Fun stuff

89. Roller Skating Rink


90. Ice skating

91. Live sports game- baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer

Texas Rangers Baseball

92. Archery

93. Esports arena


94. Homeless Shelter 

95. Senior Center

Alzheimer’s Center

96. Refugee Community

Pop-up Travel Exhibits

97. Dinosaur Park

98. Global Water Center

Ghengis Khan Traveling Exhibit

99. Popular shows- Stranger Things, Friends, etc.

100. Kitschy tourist attractions

House of Illusions
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