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034. Deschooling 101

What is Deschooling?
Should I Deschool?
How Do I Deschool?
(Release Date: 06/01/23)

Texas Homeschool Expo

We are excited to share the wonderful news that we have been selected as presenters at the upcoming Texas Homeschool Conference in Grapevine, Texas. The conference will take place on June 9th and 10th. In addition to our presentation, we will also have a booth at the conference. We would be absolutely delighted to see you there, so please make sure to stop by and say hello. Join us this Saturday at 4pm for an informative session on designing your four-year high school plan. We look forward to seeing you there!
Due to our preparations for the conference, we will not be able to record episodes on June 8th and 15th. 

The Best and Worst Homeschool Buys
035. Best and Worst Homeschool Buys

What do you regret buying early in your homeschool journey? What do you wish you purchased earlier? What are your best homeschool buys?
(Release Date: 6/22/23)

College Applications and Scholarships
036. Applying to Colleges/Scholarships

How do I choose colleges to apply to? How do I begin the application process? Where do I find scholarships?
(Release Date: 06/29/23)

High School Series 06
middle school books
037. Favorite Books For Middle Schoolers

This is a special episode for middle school age children that are reading chapter books on their own. We will discuss our favorite books that have ignigted a love for reading in our children!
(Release Date: 07/06/23)

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