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You have choices when it comes to your child’s education. Is Homeschooling the right choice for your family?

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Homeschooling is an excellent choice for families who want to actively shape their children’s education. While it may feel like a significant decision, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Every family is unique, and it’s important to make educational choices that align with your values and goals. Homeschooling offers a flexible and personalized approach to learning.

With our extensive experience of over 30 years in the secular homeschool community, Maria and Nicole are here to be your trusted guides on this new adventure. Learn from our years of experience, 10 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE Homeschooling>>

Whether you’re just starting to explore homeschooling, have recently begun, or are seeking to enhance your homeschooling knowledge, we are committed to supporting you every step of the way. We understand that you have important questions, and our primary objective is to provide you with the answers you need. Through our informative podcasts, blog posts, daily inspiration, and a wide range of free printable tools, we aim to empower and assist you on your homeschooling journey. We believe in equipping you with valuable resources to make your homeschooling experience successful and enjoyable.

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Nurture Curiosity and a Love for Reading in your Homeschool

One of the joys of homeschooling is nurturing a lifelong love of learning in our children. They are naturally curious beings, always eager to explore and understand the world around them. For us, fostering curiosity is at the heart of our homeschooling journey.

Lifelong learning goes beyond the classroom and following a rigid curriculum. It’s about equipping our children with the skills to ask questions and seek out answers. When our kids show interest in a particular topic, we dive into it together, exploring it from different angles and encouraging their curiosity to flourish.

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What is a Homeschool Lifestyle?

Unstructured time is also crucial for their growth. Allowing them moments of quiet reflection and independent thinking helps their ideas take shape. It’s during these times that their thoughts begin to form, waiting to be shared.

And let’s not forget the magic of reading! Reading opens doors to endless learning possibilities. By instilling a love of reading from an early age, we unlock a treasure trove of knowledge and imagination. Reading aloud not only exposes our children to the joy of storytelling but also creates lasting memories of shared experiences. See our early reader favorites and our favorite middle school books.

In our homeschool, we strive to create an environment where curiosity thrives, where our children are encouraged to ask questions, explore their interests, and embrace the joy of reading. Are you ready for this incredible adventure of lifelong discovery and learning? We can help you create a vibrant homeschool lifestyle that nurtures and inspires….

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It doesn’t matter where you are on your homeschooling path, we have guidance for you! Whether you are a:


You know your child better than anyone else—better than teachers, administrators, or experts. You have an incredible understanding of what makes them happy, what frustrates them, and what truly ignites their passion. You’re familiar with their quirks, their unique talents, and their individual journey. You have an innate sense of what is best for your child.

So, when it comes to making educational decisions for your child, trust your instincts. You have the power to choose the path that suits them best, whether it’s full-time homeschooling, a combination of homeschooling and traditional school, or transitioning from homeschooling to formal education later on. Embrace this opportunity with confidence and know that your love and understanding will guide you to make the right choice for your child’s unique journey.

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  1. Understand your state’s homeschooling laws: Familiarize yourself with the specific homeschooling regulations in your state as they can vary.
  2. Communicate with your child’s current school: If your child is already enrolled in a school, inform them of your decision to homeschool. Follow any necessary procedures for withdrawal, and we can provide sample withdrawal letters to assist you.
  3. Begin a “De-Schooling” period: If your child was previously in a traditional school setting, it is crucial to allow for an adjustment period known as “De-Schooling.” This time allows both you and your child to transition into the homeschooling lifestyle and set the stage for a successful outcome. Don’t Skip this crucial step after withdrawing your child!
  4. Determine your family’s homeschooling philosophy: Take time to establish your homeschooling philosophy, considering your child’s learning style and your teaching style. This will help shape your approach to homeschooling.
  5. Choose your homeschooling approach: Explore different approaches like unschooling, classical education, or Montessori. We recommend reading the book “BRAVE LEARNER” by Julie Bogart for valuable insights.
  6. Connect with other homeschoolers: Building a community of like-minded homeschoolers is essential. Seek out local homeschooling groups or online communities to connect with and learn from others who have experience in homeschooling.
  7. Find curriculum and other resources: Research and select curriculum materials, supplies, lesson plans, field trips, and online courses that align with your educational goals, budget, and your child’s needs. Stay tuned as we will provide book reviews, curriculum unboxing. and more!
  8. Establish a schedule, routine, and rhythm: Create a schedule that works for your family, considering each member’s priorities. Establishing a routine and rhythm can bring structure and consistency to your homeschooling experience.
  9. Maintain balance within your family: Recognize that homeschooling involves the whole family. Ensure that each family member’s needs are met and find ways to create harmony among multi-age children.
  10. Learn and grow together: Embrace the homeschooling lifestyle as a continuous learning journey for both you and your children. Foster their curiosity, encourage lifelong learning, and be open to adapting your approach when necessary.
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This page is full of FREE resources and podcast episode that details everything you need to know:


This page is full of FREE resources and podcast episode that details everything you need to know:
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