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048. Music and Art in Your Homeschool

The study of great works of art, the listening to uplifting pieces of music, and the freedom to be creative in any subject can enrich your children’s lives! Download 2 FREEBIES THIS WEEK:Songwriter Book and Music Note Lesson & Composition

045. High School Socialization, Friendships, and Dating

How much time should my high schooler spend with friends?
What can I do to help my high schooler develop meaningful friendships
Should my high schooler date?
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042. Favorite Books for Middle Schoolers

Learn strategies to ignite a love for reading for your middle schooler and tips to finding the perfect book to get them excited about literature.
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040. Homeschool Extracurricular & Volunteering

Adding extracurricular and volunteer hours to your teen’s high school isn’t only fun, it helps create diverse and interesting students and makes them stand out on high school transcripts and job interviews. Download your FREE Workbook!

039. First Day of Homeschool

It’s back to homeschool and time celebrate your first day! Whether you’re schooling year-round or following a traditional schedule, create a special first day!
Homeschool Kindergarten

038. How Do You Homeschool Kindergarten?

How do you begin?
What does my Kindergartener Need to Know?
What does a day in the life of a homeschool Kindergartener look like?
What curriculum should I use for my Kindergartener?
7 Steps to Choosing Curriculum

037. 7 Steps to Choosing Curriculum

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding what to use. Don’t waste time and money on curricula that doesn’t work for your family. By following the 7 STEPS that we lay out for you, you will be able to find exactly what works for you to set…
College Applications and Scholoarships

036. Applying to Colleges and Finding Scholarships

College isn’t cheap and transitioning from homeschool to a four-year university may seem overwhelming and you probably have a lot of questions but don’t worry! We’re going to walk you through the application process and the best way to get some extra cash to pay for it…
Best Worst Homeschool Buys

035. Best and Worst Homeschool Buys

We interviewed hundreds of seasoned homeschool moms with real stories and real advice. Tune In as we spill the beans on what worked, what didn’t, and how to make your homeschool budget count!

034. Deschooling 101: A Vital Step to a Successful Homeschool

As you embark on this new journey, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. Thoughts about which curriculum to choose and how to begin may be racing in your mind. While your enthusiasm to jump in is admirable, don’t skip this crucial step!
Homeschool Conference

033. Homeschool Conferences and Conventions

FREE Convention Survival Toolkit Bundle

Homeschool conferences offer invaluable opportunities to gain insights, connect with like-minded individuals, and enhance your homeschooling journey.

College Exams Homeschool

032. College Entrance Exams

What is the TSI and Accuplacer?
What’s the difference between the PSAT, SAT, and ACT?
How do I prepare my child for entrance exams?
Dual Credit, AP, CLEP

027. Advanced Courses and Testing

Should your student take Advanced Courses and Testing? Pros & Cons of Dual Credit, CLEP, AP, Honors, DSST and ACE.
Books for New Readers

024. Favorite Books For New Readers

Finding the right book is essential to help to ignite young readers and set them up for a life-long love of literature. We will discuss branching into beginning chapter books and talk about great read-alouds they will love!
homeschool transcripts

023. High School Documents

How do you keep homeschool records?
How do you write a transcript?
What is a Counselor Letter and School Report?
Climbing a tree

022. Homeschooling In The Wild

What are the benefits of outdoor nature time?
How do you get your family to spend more time outside?
How do you incorporate nature study into your homeschool?
Homeschooler Lifestyle

018. What is a homeschool lifestyle?

How do you create lifelong learners?
How do you create habits that work for the entire family?
How do you create an environment that inspires learners?

011. All About Family

How do you balance multi-age students?
How do you encourage strong sibling relationships?
How do you encourage extended family support?

008. Holiday Break & Homeschooling

How do you stay on track during a long break?
How to incorporate the holidays into you school?
How to motivate your child after a long break?

003. How To Get Started

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?
Can I homeschool in my state?
How do I withdraw my child from public school?
What is “deschooling?”
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