Welcome to our podcast, a welcoming space for the secular homeschooling community that has been our support and inspiration throughout the years.

BTDT Homeschool

Our mission is to reciprocate the kindness we have received by sharing our experiences, offering guidance, and of course, sharing a good laugh (and sometimes shedding a tear) as we narrate our stories and accompany you on your own homeschooling adventure. Our journey would not have been possible without the invaluable guidance from our homeschooling friends who have walked alongside us. With the creation of Been There Done That Homeschool Podcast, our goal is to pay it forward and give back to the secular homeschooling community. We hope that you join us on this exciting journey!

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Recent Episodes:

College Exams Homeschool

032. College Entrance Exams

What is the TSI and Accuplacer?
What’s the difference between the PSAT, SAT, and ACT?
How do I prepare my child for entrance exams?
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Books for New Readers

024. Favorite Books For New Readers

Finding the right book is essential to help to ignite young readers and set them up for a life-long love of literature. We will discuss branching into beginning chapter books and talk about great read-alouds they will love!
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011. All About Family

How do you balance multi-age students?
How do you encourage strong sibling relationships?
How do you encourage extended family support?
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