High School Series

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Homeschool High School doesn’t have to be overwhelming!
We are here to walk you through the entire process of homeschooling during the high school years from making a 4-year plan to graduation and beyond.

This series will have everything you need to keep you organized and on track!


BTDT Homeschool was created with a heartfelt mission: to empower and give back to the secular homeschool community.

Hi, we are Maria and Nicole. We have five children between our two families and have both homeschooled from the very beginning. We are here to help you through this journey as we have truly “Been There Done That”. Through our informative podcasts, blog posts, daily inspiration, and a wide range of free printable tools, we aim to empower you on your homeschooling journey.

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The three oldest:

Three of our children have graduated from homeschooling with high school diplomas and received associate degrees from the local community college at the same time. The oldest of the three has gone on to earn dual Bachelor’s Degrees in History and Political Science with a focus on Economics. The two other graduates are currently attending four-year universities. One is studying Biomedical Engineering and the other is double majoring in English and Secondary Education with a minor in Psychology.

The two youngest:

The two youngest are still in high school, following the footsteps of their older siblings. Inspired by their achievements, our youngest kids are motivated to earn their associate degrees while in high school. We’re excited to see them forge their own unique paths and witness their growth along the way.

Homeschoolers CAN still do all the fun stuff! Check out our kids’ Homeschool Prom:

Homeschooling at the high school level has been an incredible experience for both our families. We know that we have provided our children with a solid foundation and the necessary skills to thrive in life: at their 4-year universities, the workplace, and personally. We’re both so grateful for the opportunity to be actively involved in their education and witness their growth firsthand. It has also afforded more time to nurture unique relationships with each of them as they transition into adulthood and mature.

Making a personalized high school experience:

Making a unique and personalized high school experience for each of them has been one of the coolest things – and you too can do that for your teenager! Doing so will offer an opportunity to not only equip them with everything they need for college or the workforce but also tailor their education to match their individual interests and passions. And guess what? We’re here to do this together!

By personalizing their high school experience, you can ensure that their education aligns perfectly with their unique goals and aspirations. Whether they have a love for science, literature, art, or anything else under the sun, you CAN tailor their curriculum to ignite their passion and fuel their intellectual growth. By crafting a well-rounded education, you have the opportunity to incorporate not only core subjects but also electives, volunteering, and engaging in all those extracurricular activities that will now fit into their schedule.

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Together, we can create an exceptional high school experience that caters to their individuality, fosters their growth, and prepares them for a bright and successful future. Let the adventure begin!

Series Trailer

Series Trailer: Homeshooling High School Overview

Can my homeschooler get a diploma?
Do I need to teach calculus?
Can my homeschooler go to college?

01. How Do You Make a 4-Year High School Plan?

01: Making a 4 Year Plan-State requirements/Planning for their future

What do you need to know before you start homeschooling high school?
What are homeschool graduation requirements?
How do you plan for your homeschooler’s future?
Customizable 4 Year Credit Planner (xls)

02. High School Core Subjects and Electives

02: Choosing Core subjects & electives/Calculating credits

How to decide High School Core Subjects?
What electives should my highschooler take?
What constitutes as a high school credit?
See our Elective Idea List: the sky is the limit!
Trying to choose courses? Check out our Curriculum Recommendations and Guide>>

03. High School Documents

03: Documents- everything you need: Portfolio/Transcripts/Resume/Counselor Letter/Course Descriptions/School Report

How do you keep homeschool records?
How do you write a transcript?
What is a Counselor Letter and School Report?
Free Transcript Templates (xls and doc)
Document and Records Guide>>>>>>

04. Advanced Courses and Testing

04: Advanced Courses & Testing- Dual credit/AP/CLEP/Honors/DSST/ACE

Should your student take Advanced Courses and Testing?
Pros & Cons of

  • Dual Credit
  • CLEP
  • AP
  • Honors
  • DSST
  • ACE

Get your FREE CLEP Guide

05. College Entrance Exams

05: Exams- SAT/ACT/TSI/Accuplacer/CLT

What is the TSI and Accuplacer?
What’s the difference between the PSAT, SAT, and ACT?
How do I prepare my child for entrance exams?

Download your FREE College Exam Summary

06. Applying to Colleges / Scholarships

06: Applying to colleges/scholarships

How do I choose colleges to apply to?
How do I begin the application process?
Where do I find scholarships?

Get your FREE Application Organizer (Google Sheets)

07. Extracurricular and Volunteering

07: Extracurricular and Volunteering

Should extracurricular activities go on the transcript?
How many volunteer hours should a high schooler do?
Do hobbies count as extracurricular subjects?
Download your FREE High School Extracurricular & Volunteering Workbook with 205 Activities>>

08: Socialization / Building Friendships / Dating 

08. High School Friendships & Dating

How much time should my high schooler spend with friends?
What can I do to help my high schooler develop meaningful friendships
Should my high schooler date?
Get your FREE Healthy Teen Relationship E-Guide

09: First Job / Earning Money / Entrepreneurship / Internships

09: First Job/earning Money/Entrepreneurships/Internships

What is an internship and how can students begin to look for one?
How Do You Find Internships?
How do you support your teenager in a new job?
What is Entrepreneurship and how can I encourage my teen along this pathway?
Get your FREE Teen Business Start-Up Packet

10: Driving / Independence / Life Skills

10: Driving/independence/Life Skills

How do you foster independence in your teenagers?
How do I teach my teenager to drive?
How do we teach essential life skills?
Download your FREE Teen Driver Car maintenance and Repair Guide

Aceable Driver’s Ed
is the most effective (and least expensive) Driver’s Ed for Homeschoolers!

AND our teenagers learned so much!

11: Technology / Social Media / Gaming

11: Technology/Social Media/Gaming

How To Approach Using Technology in Your Homeschool?
How To Use Technology in Your Homeschool?
Do teenagers need social media?
Download your Guide to Online Gaming Safely

Discover a world of wonders without leaving your home! Explore the 30 most captivating online museums

12: Time Management / Organization/Dealing with Stress / Study Skills

12: Time Management / Organization/Dealing with Stress / Study Skills

How can our high schoolers deal with stress?
How can we help our teens manage their time wisely?
How to teach study skills, note taking, organization, and other executive function skills?
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Top 10 Books Every Homeschooler Should Read>>

Homeschooling for College Credit>>

If you want to help your child earn college credit, “Homeschooling for College Credit” by Jennifer Cook DeRosa is the perfect book for you.

It’s specifically designed to guide homeschooling families like ours in successfully earning college credit during high school and we have both found so much value in reading it – and continuously referencing back to it.

Documents for High School:


When it comes to electives, your imagination is all that limits you! Typically, there will be one to three elective courses in each year of high school. View our extensive list of Electives>>

Adding extracurricular and volunteer hours isn’t only fun, it helps create diverse and interesting students and makes them stand out on college applications and job interviews. Get your FREE High School Extracurricular & Volunteering Workbook with 205 Activities! Adding these activities to your teen’s high school isn’t only fun, it helps create diverse and interesting students and makes them stand out on transcripts and job interviews. But what should they do? We created this workbook that will make choosing these activities fun!

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