Universal Yums

Discovering Geography and Culture Through Food

What is Universal Yums?

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They also include a booklet of information about that country. The booklet is full of fun facts, recipes, and reasons why each treat was included in the box. It’s easy to build an entire UNIT STUDY around each country – and the kids love getting to “travel” from home!

Tracing a Map
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Why Is It Important To Learn About Different Cultures?

We love incorporating Universal Yums in our social studies and as we learn about geographical regions. Learning about different cultures is important for several reasons:

  1. It gives our children an appreciation of diversity: Learning about different cultures helps us appreciate the diversity of people, beliefs, and traditions that exist in the world.
  2. It improves communication and understanding: Learning about different cultures helps us understand the perspectives and experiences of people from different backgrounds, which can improve communication and understanding.
  3. It allows for cultural competence: Cultural competence is the ability to understand, appreciate, and effectively interact with people from different cultures. Learning about different cultures can help us develop this important skill.
  4. It gives a greater understanding of global issues: In a globalized world, knowledge of different cultures and languages can be an asset as your children explore many careers, especially in industries such as travel, international business, and diplomacy.
  5. Personal growth: Learning about different cultures can broaden our horizons and help us see the world from different perspectives. It can also challenge our assumptions and biases, promoting personal growth and development.

You won’t have to worry about forgetting your passport with Universal Yums. You’ll receive a delivery of snacks and candy from a different country, paired with plenty of information about what’s in your box. You’ll snack like a local, enjoying offerings from all over the globe.

  1. Unique snacks from around the world: Universal Yums delivers a variety of snacks and candies from different countries each month, allowing subscribers to try new and unique foods that they might not be able to find in their local stores.
  2. Discovery of new cultures: With each box, Universal Yums includes a booklet that provides information about the featured country’s history, culture, and food traditions, giving subscribers the opportunity to learn and explore different cultures.
  3. Surprise and excitement: Each box is a surprise, as subscribers don’t know which country’s snacks they will receive until they open it. This element of surprise can add excitement and anticipation to the subscription.
  4. Personalized experience: Universal Yums allows subscribers to customize their subscription by choosing the box size, delivery frequency, and preferences for certain types of snacks.
  5. Community and social interaction: Universal Yums has a large and active online community, with social media groups where subscribers can share their thoughts and opinions on the snacks they receive, as well as interact with other subscribers from around the world.

As we taste each snack, I read the information about that particular treat from the booklet to my children. We all have very different opinions about how much we like each snack, and we record our opinions on the back of the included map, on a scale of 1-3.


  • Original Snacks: The diversity of snacks was quite impressive. There is a nice mix of sweet and savory bites and unusual flavors. The snacks are also difficult to find in the US making the experience special and memorable. Even in the smaller Yum snack boxes, we really appreciated the full-size snacks in each box. The flavors and textures are a treat for the taste buds.
  • Cultural Immersion Booklet: The booklet in each snack box is surprisingly detailed and rich with fun facts, games and recipes. The stories behind the snacks are fascinating and the nutritional information is also helpful. You not only enjoy the tasty snacks but also learn about the history of the country featured.
  • Easy and Simple Ordering: The ordering and shipping process on the Universal Yums website is simple and pain-free. The website is easy to navigate and placing your order is clear and straightforward. We went with the month-to-month option, and it was easy to order and cancel the snack subscription box.
  • Order individual Snacks from the Yum Shop: We love the new and improved Yum ShopIf you’re a fan of a snack from a particular country, you can buy it directly from the Universal Yum shop. You can also shop for best selling items and get extra discounts on featured snacks. The snacks in the shop change regularly, making it a great place to check for unique snacks.
  • Free and Fast Shipping: Shipping for all the boxes is free in the USA. We were quite impressed with the fast shipping and delivery of the snack boxes. If you are shipping internationally you will pay a small shipping fee and you can see the pricing on the Universal Yums website. In either case, you will be able to track your snack box shipment online.
  • Ingredient Transparency: Ingredients and nutritional information is listed in the booklet (in English). Common allergens are bolded.
  • Responsive Customer Service Support: We found the customer service team to be very helpful.
  • Easy process: ordering and cancelling your subscription is easy to do. Website clearly laid out.
  • Discount: Discounted rate if you purchase an annual subscription
  • Gifting: Customer service makes it easy to buy a gift subscription for a friend or family member.


  • Snacks Do Not Accommodate Food Allergies Or Dietary Restrictions: The snacks provided in each of the boxes are not tailored for food allergies or dietary restrictions. 
  • International Shipping Costs: As mentioned earlier, Universal Yums only offers free shipping within the USA. For international shipments, plan to pay a small shipping fee.
  • Can’t order previous boxes: You can’t order an entire previous box, but you can order individual items from their Yum Shop.

How Does Universal Yums Work?

1. Start

2. Ship

Your first box will ship by the date listed in the sign-up process. Future boxes will ship by the 15th of each month.

3. Snack

Receive your box of Yums and go on an unforgettable adventure! Feeling full? There’s a one-step cancellation process.

Before we first open the box, my kids guess which country they think it might be from. When they discover the country, we locate it on the world globe and share all of the facts we already know about the country!

I like to sneak a peek and see what country is heading my way.

I like to do this to have further reading and understanding and make it an entire unit study about the country when receiving our box!

In your box you’ll receive the snacks, a booklet with relevant information and nutrition facts, and the larger boxes come with bonus trivia, recipes, and more.

  • The countries rotate every month!
  • Holiday Theme – try holiday snacks from multiple countries!
  • We’ve even received a Halloween Trick or Treat Tasting game box!
  • Spain, Scandinavia, Italy, UK, Taiwan, Turkey, and more!

How Much Does Universal Yums Cost?

Universal Yums offers different subscription plans, and customers can choose to receive boxes from a specific country or opt for a surprise country every month. The cost of Universal Yums subscription boxes varies depending on the box size and delivery frequency selected.

Pricing options:

Universal Yums pricing is determined by the size of the box you order, and whether you choose to pre-pay for a whole year or just one month at a time. Shipping is always free in the US.

BOX SIZEMonthly Price
per box
Annual Price
per box
Small (5-7 snacks)$15$17
Medium (10-12 snacks)$26$28
Large (18-20 snacks)$41$42

Sample Universal Yum Boxes

One the company site, you can find examples of past Universal Yums boxes along with the top contents of each box. The snacks are listed in the categories of “Best,” “2nd Best,” and “Weirdest.” Universal Yums snack boxes feature all sorts of snacks that you can’t find in the U.S. Here is a review of some of the top picks:

  • Italy Box. The Italy snack box contained treats like Black Truffle Potato Chips, Lemon Pepper Taralli, and Amarettini Cookies.
  • Ukraine Box. Ukraine’s box featured snacks such as Cheese Curd Waffles, Potato and Onion Sticks, and Chocolate Pizza.
  • Spain Box. The best foods from the Spain box were Spicy Mango Gummies, Caramel White Chocolate, and Cocoa Truffles.
  • Turkey Box. The 2019 Turkey snack box had favorites such as Carrot and Pistachio Turkish Delight, Spice Crackers, and Mosaic Cookies.
  • France Box. The France snack box had important items from French culture such as Strawberry Chews, Raspberry Swirl Cake, and Sea Salt Chocolate.

Is Universal Yums Worth it?

I feel the Universal Yums subscription box was well worth the price, for the variety of items, ease of ordering, and the booklet, which provided interesting and useful information. Especially if you live in the USA.

Teach your kids about different cultures with Universal Yums!

We find that the cost is a huge savings of time and money because if I took the time to shop for foods from specific countries, I know it would cost more locally.

How To Make Universal Yums Even MORE Educational

The kids can take turns with this one, too. Each month, one child can scratch off the country while another child gets to scratch off the flag.

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