Stay motivated throughout the summer with this FREE Summer Reading Challenge List and Reading Log, complete with a Book Rating column!

Ensure that your kids fall in love with reading and maintain their reading skills by marking off each task on their summer reading list.

For those of you that take the summer off and don’t homeschool year-round, here’s a fantastic method to keep your kids actively engaged and allow their imagination to soar. Regular reading not only fosters a love for books but also helps children maintain and enhance the reading skills that you have diligently nurtured. By encouraging consistent reading habits, we can encourage their joy in reading and ensure that new readers, in particular, retain the valuable skills they have acquired through your dedicated efforts.

To get your kids excited about reading, we’ve put together a winning combination of suggestions that is sure to inspire them. They just may never put the books down! One of our favorites is Calvin and Hobbes:

See our TOP 50 Books for New Readers.


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