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005. But What About the Prom?


But What About The Prom?

Can my child go to college?
How do I deal with naysayers?

Tune in this week while we discuss these topics and more!

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Show Notes

Homeschool Myths and Facts

Top 10 Common Homeschooling Myths

  1. Homeschooled kids don’t get to go to the prom or other big milestone events. (3:24)
  2. Homeschooled kids are weird and unsocialized. (8:16)
  3. Parents are not qualified to teach their children. (10:37)
  4. There aren’t that many homeschoolers, your kid will be lonely. (15:31)
  5. Homeschooled kids can’t go to college. (17:51)
  6. Homeschool families are all alike. (19:29)
  7. Homeschool kids won’t learn as well as they will in a traditional school setting. (22:24)
  8. Homeschooled kids don’t get to participate in extracurricular activities. (24:55)
  9. Homeschool students won’t be prepared for life. (28:28)
  10. Homeschooling is expensive. (29:49)

Our Homeschool Prom:

Maria did a walk through before our prom this year to show you that homeschoolers get to have ALL THE FUN! Some families even fly in from other parts of the country to attend this grand event:

Dealing with Naysayers (34:48)

How to Respond to Haters

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002. Host Introductions

BTDT Homeschool Hosts


Host Introductions

Who are we?
What is our homeschool story?
How did we start homeschooling?

Tune in this week while we introduce ourselves!

BTDT Homeschool Host Introduction

We are Nicole & Maria. We are thrilled to have you here!

We live in North Texas and have been great friends for over 10 years. We have 5 children between our two families and have both homeschooled from the very beginning. We collectively have over 30 years of secular homeschool experience and we have so much to share with you! There may be wine and we may go off topic from time to time so sit back and join us as we share honest tips and advice for what’s worked for us and what hasn’t to help you on your journey.

We couldn’t have done it without all our homeschool friends who guided us over the years on our journey. The Been There Done That Homeschool Podcast was created as a way for us to pay it forward and give back to the secular homeschool community. Enjoy!

So many parents have helped us along the way and now it’s our turn to give back to the homeschool community. In this episode, we will introduce ourselves and tell our stories of what led us to homeschooling our children.  

We have 30+ years of collective experience educating 5 children between our 2 families and are looking forward to sharing some of the things we have learned along the way!

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BTDT Homeschool Hosts

Every family is different, and you need to make the educational choices that best align with yours.  
Homeschooling can be a great option for families who want to take a more active role in their children’s education. If you would like to get started in homeschooling, check out our step-by-step guide to get you started or go to our Getting Started Page

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