Black History & Stories in Your Homeschool Pre-K-12th

Black History & Stories Prek-12th

Learn about Achievements and History of Black Americans by snuggling up with some great books!

Encourage your new reader to REVIEW the Books they read by downloading our FREE REVIEW and READING LOG SHEET (pdf). Also, Celebrate the life and legacy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with these Easy NO-PREP MLK, Jr. Activity Ideas. Learn more about Teaching Black History All Year Long on Episode 062.

Ages 4-9

Ticktock Banneker’s Clock by Shana Keller

This is a gorgeously illustrated biography of colonial era math and science expert Benjamin Banneker. He was born free at a time in America when most African Americans were slaves. Inspired by a pocket watch he had seen, he built a strike clock based on his own drawings and using a pocket-knife. But even when he was born in Maryland in 1731, he was already an extraordinary person for that time period. He was born free at a time in America when most African Americans were slaves. Though he only briefly attended school and was largely self-taught, at a young age Benjamin displayed a keen aptitude for mathematics and science. Inspired by a pocket watch he had seen, at the age of 22 he built a strike clock based on his own drawings and using a pocket-knife. Ages 6-9

Ticktock Banneker’s Clock is a perfect book for your little engineers. Throughout his life, Benjamin Banneker was known and admired for his work in science, mathematics, and astronomy.

Goin’ Someplace Special by Patricia C. McKissack

There’s a place in this 1950s southern town where all are welcome, no matter what their skin color…and ’Tricia Ann knows exactly how to get there. To her, it’s someplace special and she’s bursting to go by herself. But when she catches the bus heading downtown, unlike the white passengers, she must sit in the back behind the Jim Crow sign and wonder why life’s so unfair.
Still, for each hurtful sign seen and painful comment heard, there’s a friend around the corner reminding ’Tricia Ann that she’s not alone. And her grandmother’s words—“You are somebody, a human being—no better, no worse than anybody else in this world”—echo in her head, lifting her spirits and pushing her forward. Ages 4-8

Goin Someplace Special is a beautiful story and illustrations. It sparked a good discussion about inner strength and personality and also about segregation.

Brick by Brick by Charles R. Smith Jr.

The home of the United States president was built by many hands, including those of slaves, who undertook this amazing achievement long before there were machines to do those same jobs.

Stirring and emotional, Floyd Cooper’s stunning illustrations bring to life the faces of those who endured hard, brutal work when the profit of their labor was paid to the master, not the slave. The fact that many were able to purchase their freedom after earning money from learning a trade speaks to the strength of those individuals. They created this iconic emblem of America, brick by brick. Ages 4-8

Brick by Brick is a compelling true story behind the building of the White House, a powerful part of history rarely taught.

Henry’s Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad by Ellen Levine

Henry Brown doesn’t know how old he is. Nobody keeps records of slaves’ birthdays. All the time he dreams about freedom, but that dream seems farther away than ever when he is torn from his family and put to work in a warehouse. Henry grows up and marries, but he is again devastated when his family is sold at the slave market. Then one day, as he lifts a crate at the warehouse, he knows exactly what he must do: He will mail himself to the North. After an arduous journey in the crate, Henry finally has a birthday — his first day of freedom. Ages 6-9

Henry’s Freedom Box is a true story telling the tale of the pain of growing up as a slave.

More Books for Young Children (ages 4-9):

Uncle Jed’s Barbershop by Margaree King Mitchell
Sit-In How Four Friends Stood Up by Sitting Down by Andrea Davis Pinkney
Freedom on the Menu: The Greensboro Sit-Ins by Carole Boston Weatherford
All Different Now: Juneteenth, the First Day of Freedom by Angela Johnson
Hidden Figures: The True Story of Four Black Women and the Space Race by Margot Lee Shetterly, Winifred Conkling
Follow The Drinking Gourd by Jeanette Winter
A Chair for My Mother by Vera B. Williams
The ABCs of Black History by Rio Cortez
Brown Boy Brown Boy What Can You Be? by Ameshia Arthur
Skin Like Mine by LaTashia Perry
Moses When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom by Carole Boston Weatherford
The Other Side by Jacqueline Woodson
Martin’s Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by Doreen Rappaport
The Story of Ruby Bridges by Robert Coles
White Socks Only by Evelyn Coleman Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman
Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt by Deborah Hopkinson
The Juneteenth Story: Celebrating the End of Slavery in the United States by Alliah L. Agostini
Great Black Heros Series:
> 5 Notable Black Inventors
> 5 Bold Black Freedom Fighters
> 5 Brilliant Black Scientists

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Ages 10-14

The Journey of York: The Unsung Hero of the Lewis and
Clark Expedition by Hasan Davis

Thomas Jefferson’s Corps of Discovery included Captains Lewis and Clark and a crew of 28 men to chart a route from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean. All the crew but one volunteered for the mission. York, the enslaved man taken on the journey, did not choose to go. Slaves did not have choices. York’s contributions to the expedition, however, were invaluable. The captains came to rely on York’s judgement, determination, and peacemaking role with the American Indian nations they encountered. But as York’s independence and status rose on the journey, the question remained what status he would carry once the expedition was over. This is his story. Ages 10+

The Journey of York was written in the style of journal entries as penned by York, a real person who was an enslaved individual accompanying the Lewis and Clark expedition.

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We Are the Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball

This is the story of gifted athletes and determined owners, racial discrimination, and international sportsmanship, of fortunes won and lost; of triumphs and defeats on and off the field. It is a perfect mirror for the social and political history of black America in the first half of the twentieth century. But most of all, the story of the Negro Leagues is about hundreds of unsung heroes who overcame segregation, hatred, terrible conditions, and low pay to do one thing they loved more than anything else in the world: play ball. Ages 8-12

We Are the Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball is written in an inviting first-person voice. Kadir Nelson shares the engaging story of Negro League baseball from its beginnings in the 1920s through its evolution, until after Jackie Robinson crossed over to the majors in 1947.

More Books for Middle Children (ages 10-14):

Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis
Facing Frederick: The Life of Frederick Douglass, a Monumental American Man by Tonya Bolden
How to Build A Museum: Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture by Tony Bolden
March: Book One by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin
The Gold Cadillac by Mildred Taylor
The Undefeated by Kwame Alexander
Through My Eyes by Ruby Bridges
Voice of Freedom: Fannie Lou Hamer: The Spirit of the Civil Rights Movement by Carole Boston Weatherford
One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia
The Watsons Go to Birmingham – 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis
Who Was Series:
> Maya Angelou
> Martin Luther King, Jr.
> Lois Armstrong
> George Washington Carver
> Sojourner Truth
> Harriet Tubman
> Jackie Robinson
> Muhammad Ali
> Nelson Mandela
> Jesse Owens
> Rosa Parks
> Roberto Clemente
> Barack Obama
> Michelle Obama
> Frederick Douglass

Ages 15-18+

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Sixteen-year-old Starr Carter moves between two worlds: the poor neighborhood where she lives and the fancy suburban prep school she attends. The uneasy balance between these worlds is shattered when Starr witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer. Khalil was unarmed.
Soon afterward, his death is a national headline. Some are calling him a thug, maybe even a drug dealer and a gangbanger. Protesters are taking to the streets in Khalil’s name. Some cops and the local drug lord try to intimidate Starr and her family. What everyone wants to know is: what really went down that night? And the only person alive who can answer that is Starr. Ages 15+

The Hate U Give is told from the point of view of Star Carter, a 16 year old black girl who is trying to live in two different worlds: one being the all black crime-ridden neighborhood where she lives and grew up in — and the other being the predominately white upper middle-class high school to which her parents send her and her two brothers.

Becoming by Michelle Obama

In a life filled with meaning and accomplishment, Michelle Obama has emerged as one of the most iconic and compelling women of our era. As First Lady of the United States of America—the first African American to serve in that role—she helped create the most welcoming and inclusive White House in history, while also establishing herself as a powerful advocate for women and girls in the U.S. and around the world, dramatically changing the ways that families pursue healthier and more active lives, and standing with her husband as he led America through some of its most harrowing moments. Along the way, she showed us a few dance moves, crushed Carpool Karaoke, and raised two down-to-earth daughters under an unforgiving media glare. Ages 15+

Becoming is the story of Michelle Obama’s life from the time she was a young girl growing up on the Southside of Chicago as part of a poor black family.

More Books for High School and beyond (ages 15-18+):

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou
The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor
Home Going by Yaa Gyasi
The Color Purple by Alice Walker
Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot
Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass
Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northrup Roots by Alex Haley

Unit Study Ideas

Unit Study Ideas

Unit studies can truly light up your homeschooling journey, offering a wonderful alternative or addition to your regular curriculum. They can open up a world of possibilities allowing you to follow your child’s interests and curiosities wherever they may lead – and it’s often in these explorations that the most magical learning moments happen.

Feel free to shape your unit study as broadly or as narrowly as your heart desires. My suggestion? Let it flow organically; don’t stress about fitting subjects into a unit just to tick off a checklist. The beauty of learning unfolds best when your unit study feels like a natural adventure into a new topic.

To help kickstart your journey, we’ve put together a list of inspiring ideas. Plus, we’ve crafted a handy-dandy, absolutely Free Unit Study Template tailor-made just for you (bottom of this page).

Learn more about creating a unit study in Episode 056. How Do You Create a Unit Study? Ready to dive in and make learning a delightful experience? Let’s get started!

Your spine book will be your main go-to when you start working through your unit study. Within it, you’ll be able to find topics or rabbit holes to meander down.

Here are some examples of spine books:


Animal-Related Topics
Endangered species
Animal habitats
Food chains

Specific Types of Animals
Birds (general)/Backyard birds
Farm animals
Sea animals
African Animals


Plants (in general)
Edible plants
Anatomy of plant cells

Life Science

General Life Science Topics
Human anatomy and physiology
Bacteria and viruses
The five senses


People/Groups of Historical Significance
Indigenous People
Civil rights leaders
LGBTQ+ History

The Work People Do
Presidents/Prime minister
Community helpers
Healthcare workers

Specific People
Albert Einstein
Amelia Earhart
Clara Barton
Harriet Tubman
Helen Keller
Leonardo Da Vinci
Mahatma Gandhi
Marie Curie
Martin Luther King Jr
Maya Angelou
Mother Teresa
Marco Polo
Joan of Arc
Nelson Mandela
Pablo Picasso


The continents
North America
South America
The Arctic

United States

Landforms, Biomes, and Bodies of Water

Seas and Oceans
Ponds, Lakes, and Rivers
Coasts and Beaches
Rocks and Minerals

Space Science

Space (in general)
Solar system
The moon
The sun/stars
Black Holes
Space Travel

Meteorology and Weather

Seasons (general)
Weather (in general)
The water cycle


Physics (in general)
Force and motion
Simple machines
States of matter
Light spectrum


Chemistry (in general)
Periodic table
Chemical reactions


Transportation (in general)
Transportation Infrastructure
Contruction Vehicles
Auto design


The Internet
History/Evolution of Phones
Energy production and harvesting
Artificial intelligence
Game Design
Website Design
History of Animation
Music Composition/Recording
Graphic Design

Time Periods/Significant Historical Events

Ancient Egypt
Ancient China
Indus-Valley Civilization
Middle Ages/Medieval Period
Viking Age
The Renaissance
Age of Discovery
Elizabethan Period
Industrial Revolution
World War I
The Great Depression
Pearl Harbor
World War II
Decades 50s/60s/70s/80s
The American Civil War
The Gold Rush
The Fur Trade
The Silk Road


Indigenous Peoples’ Day
Bodhi Day
Feast Day of Our Lady Guadalupe
St. Patrick’s Day
Day of the Dead


Finances (Budgeting, Investment)
Starting a Business
Interior Design
Interior Design
Artistry (painting/scultping/Jewelry/etc.)
Performing Arts (dance/theater/band/etc.)


Magic Tree House Books
Roald Dahl books
CS Lewis books
Little House on the Prairie
Charlotte’s Web
Harry Potter
Tolkien books (The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings)
The Wind in the Willows
Anne of Green Gables
The Giver
Red Badge of Courage
Bud, Not Buddy
Esperanza Rising
George Orwell Books

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The Ultimate Homeschool Museum Tours: 30 Virtual Museums to Explore

The Ultimate Online Homeschool Museum Tours

30 Virtual Museums to Explore from your Sofa!

Discover a world of wonders without leaving your home! Explore the 20 most captivating online museums and elevate your homeschooling experience to new heights. With just an internet connection, your children can immerse themselves in art, history, and culture, gaining valuable insights and expanding their knowledge in the most engaging way possible.


Transport your kids to the heart of artistic brilliance. Explore the masterpieces of Michelangelo and the fascinating world of Egyptian Antiquities. The 360-degree tour allows them to absorb every detail, sparking their curiosity. Virtual Tour

Washington, D.C.

This famous American art museum features online exhibits of American fashion from 1740 to 1895, including many renderings of clothes from the colonial and Revolutionary eras and a collection of works from Dutch baroque painter Johannes Vermeer. Virtual tours and audio guides offer children a personalized exploration of galleries, enhancing their appreciation for diverse art forms. Online Exhibits

BTDT Homeschool was created with a heartfelt mission: to empower and give back to the secular homeschool community.

Through our informative podcasts, blog posts, daily inspiration, and a wide range of free printable tools, we aim to empower you on your homeschooling journey.

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Uncover the mysteries of ancient civilizations. This iconic museum located in the heart of London allows virtual visitors to tour the Great Court and discover the ancient Rosetta Stone and Egyptian mummies. Children can marvel at the intricate details of artifacts like the Phoenician panel of a sphinx in ivory, gaining a deeper understanding of the cultural tapestry that spans centuries. Virtual Tour


Journey through classical sculptures curated by the Popes. A virtual tour of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel provides a unique opportunity for children to appreciate the grandeur of art and architecture. Virtual Tour

Los Angeles

Encounter a spectrum of creative treasures. The virtual tour offers children a glimpse into art history, from Van Gogh’s Irises to neolithic clay figures, fostering a love for diverse artistic expressions. Online Exhibits

Washington, D.C.

This museum is a center for the history and science of aviation, spaceflight, planetary science, terrestrial geology, and geophysics. It contains the Apollo 11 Command Module Columbia, the Friendship 7 capsule, the Wright brothers’ Wright Flyer airplane, and Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis. Virtual Tour


Step into the realm of Italian artistry. This less well-known gallery houses the art collection of one of Florence’s most famous families, the de’ Medicis. High-quality images of works by Cimabue and Botticelli allow children to witness the evolution of artistic styles and discover the stories behind each masterpiece. Virtual Tour


Unleash creativity in the surreal world of Salvador Dalì. Children can navigate through rooms dedicated to different phases of Dalì’s career, understanding the artist’s unique perspective and even discovering his final resting place. Virtual Tour


Connect with history through artificial intelligence. Children can explore art across specific timelines, gaining insights into the cultural evolution that shaped different eras. Virtual Tour

Immerse in modern artistic expression. Children can browse through the online gallery, discovering diverse forms of contemporary art that stimulate their imagination and creativity. Virtual Tours


Unearth the untold stories of remarkable women. Through well-curated exhibits and oral histories, children can gain a profound appreciation for women’s contributions throughout history. Online Exhibits

Explore a treasure trove of world culture. With over three million works available online, children can appreciate the historical significance of The Winter Palace and other iconic exhibits. Virtual Tours

Fuel curiosity with the “Iceman Database.” Whether a budding archaeologist or a curious kid, children can delve into every detail about the Iceman, connecting with the mysteries of the past. Virtual Tour


Sharpen artistic senses with HD images. Children can closely examine the exhibits, fostering an appreciation for the details that make each piece unique. Online Collection

New York

Immerse in art through The Met 360° Project. Children can virtually stroll through the museum, making art history come alive in a way that resonates with their senses. The Met 360° Project


Connect with Egyptian history through video tours. Executive Director Christian Greco’s insightful explanations bring the majestic collection to life, making ancient history accessible to young minds. Virtual Tour


Wander through 80 galleries showcasing Dutch masters. Children can discover the beauty of works by Vermeer and Rembrandt, fostering an appreciation for the rich artistic heritage of the Netherlands. Virtual Tour


Explore French Impressionism in this popular gallery that houses dozens of famous works from French artists who worked and lived between 1848 and 1914. Children can explore artworks from Monet, Cézanne, and Gauguin, among others, gaining insights into the artistic movements that defined an era. Virtual Tour


Embark on a virtual journey through time. Children can get lost in gallery spaces, exploring the collection’s diversity and encountering the famous Dippy the dino in the entrance hall. Virtual Tour


The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is a world-class museum of modern and contemporary art designed by Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry. Experience the fusion of art and architecture. Children can take a virtual tour, exploring postwar European and American painting and sculpture in a uniquely designed museum. Virtual Tour

Don’t miss the incredible opportunity to transport your children to the best online museums globally. Let them learn, discover, and stay endlessly curious, all from the comfort of your home!


One of Korea’s popular museums can be accessed from anywhere around the world. Google’s virtual tour takes you through six floors of contemporary art from Korea and all over the globe.


The Pergamon Museum is one of Berlin’s “must see” museums. Impressive exhibits await visitors of the Pergamon Museum, who can prepare themselves for a veritable journey into the past. The Great Altar of Pergamon, the magnificent Babylonian Processional Way, the façade of the Caliph’s Palace of Mshatta and the Market Gate of Miletus are just a few of the highlights on display that have helped the Pergamon Museum achieve international recognition. Virtual tours


Anyone who’s a fan of this tragic, ingenious painter can see his works up close by virtually visiting this museum, home to the largest collection of artworks by Vincent van Gogh, including more than 200 paintings, 500 drawings, and 750 personal letters. Virtual tours

São Paulo

The Museu de Arte de São Paulo is a nonprofit and Brazil’s first modern museum. Artworks placed on clear, raised frames make it seem like they’re hovering in midair. The Museu de Arte de São Paulo is a nonprofit and Brazil’s first modern museum. Artworks placed on clear, raised frames make it seem like they’re hovering in midair. Virtual Tour

Mexico City

Built in 1964, this museum is dedicated to the archaeology and history of Mexico’s pre-Hispanic heritage. There are 22 exhibit rooms filled with ancient artifacts, including some from the Maya civilization. It is the largest and most visited museum in Mexico and collections include the Stone of the Sun, giant stone heads of the Olmec civilization that were found in the jungles of Tabasco and Veracruz, treasures recovered from the Maya civilization, at the Sacred Cenote at Chichen Itza, a replica of the sarcophagal lid from Pacal’s tomb at Palenque and ethnological displays of contemporary rural Mexican life.


Get your fill of modern art, realism, impressionism and more with Detroit Institute of Arts’ online exhibits. There’s also an exhibit that features Frida Kahlo. The DIA has one of the largest and most significant art collections in the United States. With over 100 galleries, it covers 658,000 square feet.


Get the full experience of being in the Houston Space Center with an app that offers augmented reality. You can also use the virtual gallery to get a 360-degree view of the galaxy.


The official virtual tour of the National Museum of the United States Air Force includes a stroll through the cockpit as well as models of America’s earliest aircraft.


Explore the diverse stories and complex events of the American Revolution in historic Philadelphia. Through the Museum’s unmatched collection, immersive galleries, powerful theater experiences, and interactive elements, visitors gain a deeper appreciation for how this nation came to be and feel inspired to consider their role in ensuring that the promise of the American Revolution endures. Virtual Tour


Benaki Museum houses Greek works of art from prehistoric to modern times and an extensive collection of Asian art. It also hosts periodic exhibitions and maintains a state-of-the-art restoration and conservation workshop. The entire museum can be viewed virtually in great detail. Virtual Tour

Learn More..

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Through our informative podcasts, blog posts, daily inspiration, and a wide range of free printable tools, we aim to empower you on your homeschooling journey.

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Tax basics: Teens who work part-time jobs need to understand the basics of taxes. This FREE Tax unit study has a teacher guide, student worksheet, and free poster. Ages 13+

Pre-Writing: FREE 24-page pre-writing tracing sheets. PreK

Guitar Chord Posters & Fingers Guide. This FREE 47-page pdf guide will help your new musician 🎶 All Ages

Mr. Popper’s Penguins unit study. Free 35pg pdf. Ages: 6-12. Read Mr. Popper’s Penguins Book Reviews

Teaching with math manipulatives helps concrete math concepts. This FREE 38-page pdf has the following printable manipulatives: Base 10 blocks, fraction blocks, fraction tiles, geoboards, pattern blocks, dice templates, block grids, dot templates, algebra tiles. All Ages

Apple unit study: Lots of interesting activities in this FREE 15-page pdf. All ages.

FREE 10-pg pdf with Fall Equinox Activity pages. Ages 7-13

Learn about the Science behind fall EQUINOX MYTHS with this FREE 3-page pdf that includes simple science experiments debunking superstition. AllAges

Fall Equinox: Teach how the Earth’s tilt, and its position in orbit around the Sun, determines seasons all around the globe with activities with this FREE NASA pdf. Ages 5-11

50 Bucket List Ideas for Autumn Activities (pdf). All ages

Teach Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words with this 112-page FREE pdf unit with TONS of games, worksheets, and activities. Grades 3-8

9/23/2023 is the first day of Fall! 🍁Enjoy this FREE 23-page Fall Packet. Kindergarten

Trees: learn about different trees with this FREE 25-page pdf activity pack🌲🌳 Grades 1st-5th

Climate Change: On September 20, 2019, students from 185 countries staged the world’s largest-ever protest on climate change led by Greta Thunberg. Teach about climate change and the role of nature in creating resilience with this FREE 44-page lesson plan. Grades 9-12

Spiders: learn about spiders in this FREE 26-page unit study. 1st-5th

Teach Consonant sounds with this FREE 49-page pdf workbook. Grades 1–2.

Women in STEM: learn about these innovative women and their contributions to STEM by downloading one or all of these FREE posters. You can have your child research each one to learn more as unit studies. Grades 3-12

Ancient Greece Study: timelines, worksheets, vocabulary, and more in this FREE 177 page study. Grades 5-8

Hispanic Heritage Month: Tons of FREE activities and printables in this 190-page pdf to celebrate and learn about Hispanic Heritage Month 9/15-10/15. Grades K-12

Mexican Independence Day 9/16: Have your family pair up in teams or assign these FREE pdf print worksheets with photo challenges for each child. Grades K-12

SEASONS: The change of seasons allows for many different types of work, food, celebrations and recreation. Plants and animals also change their ways with the seasons. These FREE Journal pages show the effects of weather changes on how we live. Grades 4-8

Learn about Monarch Butterflies before the Great Migration with this FREE 34-page pdf lesson & activity pack. Grades K-2

Animal Farm Unit Study. This 51-page FREE pdf study guide explores the world of Animal Farm with comprehension questions, analysis, group discussions, debates and writing exercises, plus a vocabulary list. Grades 9-12. Check out Animal Farm Book

Solar System: Make a book with a tab for each planet in our solar system with this FREE 11-page pdf booklet. Grades 2-5

Quill is a non-profit providing FREE literacy activities building reading comprehension, writing, and language skills. Quill does have some paid reporting features that would make sense for a large school or district, but the bulk of what they provide is free, and perfect for homeschooling. Grades K-12

NASA’s Space Place is an awesome FREE site with interactive games, projects, crafts, and facts about space. Content is grouped into five sections: the sun, Earth, solar system, space, and people and technology. An additional parents and educators tab offers classroom activities, printable posters, and more. Ages 7-14

Genealogy is a lot of fun and kids can be introduced to their family roots by making a family tree. Get FREE step-by-step directions on how to make one. Also, get FREE instant download templates. Young kids can make a simple version with immediate family and pictures. Grades preK-12

Kindergarten Learning Packet: This 49-page FREE pdf Packet made for a school has phonics, math games, songs, and other activities and can easily be used in homeschool. Grades K-2

September 11th Lesson 9/11: teaching the history of the attack on the World Trade Centers to children is difficult. This short BrainPOP video (with additional info) is a great resource to help children understand. SENSITIVE but age-appropriate. Grades 4-8

The Internet Archive is a fantastic FREE resource with a MIND BLOWING amount of information AND it’s one of your best resources for Research Papers with great search tools. This non-profit organization’s stated mission is “universal access to all knowledge.” They provide access to digitized materials: 28 million+ books and texts, 475 billion+ web pages, 14 million+ audio recordings (including 220,000 live concerts), 6 million+ videos (including 2 million Television News programs), 3.5 million+ images, 580,000+ software programs. There is also an Open Library, where you can login and borrow books for 14 days. All Ages

Healthy Teen Relationships: 18-page pdf guide helping your teen form healthy relationships and look for red flags.

Writing Templates: FREE 40-page pdf templates for helping and inspiring young writers with pre-writing skills and writing. Grades 3-8

Periodic Tabel Bingo: Learn the periodic table in a fun way with this FREE pdf BINGO Game. Grades 7-12

Learn about Community Helpers with this FREE 22-page colorful pdf sort and classify play mats. Grades preK-2

ROCKETRY: if your child is into rockets or wanting to learn about them, you can get together with model rocket flyers in a NAR Section near you — a lot of them have building sessions, launches, and more. My kids were both into rocketry and we were members of our local rocket society for years. It was completely FREE but this may vary, depending on each local chapter 🚀 All Ages

The Levels of Classifications of Living Things: Cut out and BUILD with this FREE 8-page pdf document. Grades 3-8

To Kill a Mockingbird UNIT STUDY: This is such an excellent classic book that teaches important lessons on division and unity. Use this 21-page FREE study guide and make it an entire unit study. Grades: 9-12

Place Value Activity Package: this is a fantastic FREE 115-page pdf activity pack—full of games, spinners, and a variety of activities to help concrete place value and number sense. Grades 1-6

WWII Visual History: 84 years ago today Nazi Germany Invades Poland, Starting World War II. You can use this FREE interactive which provides a complete overview of worldwide events leading up to, during, and after World War II. Articles, photos, and videos. Grades 6-12

Hurricane Tracking Chart: learn about Hurricane patterns by tracking current hurricanes in real time with this FREE pdf tracking chart with plotting instructions. Grades: 2-7

Minecraft Airport Design Challenge: with specific instructions from the FAA STEM Program, students design and build a model airport in MINECRAFT—New challenge starts TODAY! with Deadline 12/31. Grades K-12

Moon Calendar: make a moon phase calendar with this FREE pdf with instructions from NASA. Grades: 3rd-12th

Basic Auto Care: Teach your teen about basic auto care with this FREE 18-page step-by-step pdf Teen car maintenance and repair guide & checklist. Ages 14+

Dental Health: FREE 208-page pdf unit study with tons of activities (CREATED FOR A DAYCARE, so just SCROLL DOWN & use the relevant pages). Grades: PreK-1

Student News: The World from A to Z is a FREE Daily 9min news segment with summary of world events, stories that are interesting to students, and silly puns. If you’re not familiar with Carl Azuz, we love him and watch every morning to kick off our school day! Grades 6-12

MATH Competitions: Registration for MAA’s American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) program is open! Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 participate in the AMC 8. The AMC 10/12 is the first in a series of competitions that eventually lead all the way to the International Mathematical Olympiad. AMC Competition Dates: AMC 10/12 A: November 8, 2023, AMC 8: January 18-24, 2024

Ancient Egypt Game Senet: learn how to play Senet with this FREE printable boardgame and directions: Grades 1-12. You can learn more about the history of this game in Ancient Egypt in this YouTube video

Today commemorates the 60th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivering his “I Have a Dream” speech. Use this 8-page FREE printable for activities, and print this mobile for FREE so your child can craft their own dreams. All ages

Poetry Guide & Workbook: Guide your child into the world of poetry using this FREE 73-page easy-to-follow format poem workbook. Includes format worksheets and poem examples. Grades: 5-12

History of Money: In this 45-page FREE pdf unit lesson, students learn a brief history of the origin of money as well as the history of money in the United States of America. Includes a lot of fun money worksheets. Grades: 2-6

Tons of FREE Science posters & worksheets with answer keys on this website. The pop-ups are a bit annoying, but everything is instant download with no sign up. Physics, chemistry, biology, physical science. Grades 7-12

Jesse Bear Unit Study: This was one of our favorite books when my kids were little and you’re going to love this FREE 28-page pdf colorful unit study. Grades: PreK-1. This goes with this Jessie Bear book

Emotional Workbook: The New Zealand govt developed this FREE pdf activity book for children whose parents are physically or mentally ill, but it has tons of activities and colorful worksheets about helping children deal with their feelings and overall well-being. Ages 5-12

Sight Word Lists: Teaching high frequency & sight words? Here are some creative and fun ways to teach and keep your kids engaged with FREE printable word lists. Our favorite is the sight word parking lot game! PreK-3rd

PSAT Guide & Practice: 11th GRADERS: The PSAT is both a practice SAT and the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT). Each October, 11th (and 10th) grade homeschoolers can take the test through their local high school. If you want your Junior to take this exam, contact your local high school ASAP as deadline is fast approaching. The test is $18. You can find more information through College Board website. Khan Academy and College Board have partnered to bring you info & FREE test prep (you will need to create a free account)

Comic Book Templates: Bring art and creative writing together with these FREE 28-page pdf Comic Strip Template Pages. ALL ages

Conservation Lessons: FREE Lessons that address biological interactions, terminology, the impact of reforestation and urban trees on human health, and more. Each lesson plan has a teacher’s guide, student sheets, and videos. Ages 11-14

Lego STEM Activity: FREE 8-page LEGO Build Challenge Cards Print on card stock and make a family challenge or use one at a time for school warm-up. Grades K-12

New Driver Contract: Do you have a new or soon to be teenage driver? Some parents like their teens to sign a safety contract to help them commit to family and safety rules. This FREE pdf teen driving contract can help ease your nerves. 16 Years+

100 Field Trip Ideas: Are you looking to incorporate Field Trips into your school year for more hands-on learning? Here are 100 ideas. All Ages

Morning Basket Planner: Do you want to do a morning basket but don’t know where to start? Download this FREE pdf morning basket planner to help you get in the habit. A Morning Basket is a time in the day when everyone in the family can come together and learn together about specific subjects. All ages can homeschool together doing activities. The concept of the morning basket is derived from the ideals of the Charlotte Mason Homeschool method, but it is easily adaptable to many different styles of education. Grades: PreK+

Musical Dice: Learn to play and read music in a fun way 🎶 Print these FREE music dice pdfs onto cardstock paper (color optional), cut out, and assemble using tape. IDEAS: Game 1: Students must determine the number of beats the rhythmic value is worth in order to determine what number they have rolled. Game 2: Test your beginner’ ability to find the keys on the piano. Game 3: Review scales, arpeggios, and cadences with advanced students with the 12-sided Keys die. All Ages

Big Scholarship $$$ for Seniors: Each year the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation awards 250 scholarships valued from $4,000 to $20,000 to high school seniors based on character, personal merit and commitment. Applications opened Aug 1 with deadline of Oct 31. Good Luck Seniors!

The Walt Disney Family Museum’s Education Page has a ton of FREE lessons/resources you can instantly download. Drawing, animation, flip books, and more to inspire your child to make their own creations. All Ages

Ocean Life: Learn all about life in the ocean with this FREE 42-page pdf unit study from the Fort Wayne zoo. Animals, water cycle, fresh versus saltwater, on the surface, and more. Grades 2-6

Scratch Guide: Do you have a child that wants to learn programming? This FREE 35-pg step-by-step guide will teach them how to use Scratch. Ages 6-16. I posted about it before, but if you missed it, Scratch is a FREE programming language created by MIT where kids can create their own interactive stories, games, and animations.

Modern States is a grant funded organization on a mission to provide “Freshman year for free”. After you take the FREE online course, if you pass the CLEP exam, they refund your test fee too earning college credit for free. Grades: 9-12

Cooking Basics: Teach young children about safety in the kitchen and basic cooking skills with this FREE 24-page pdf unit. Comes with easy-to-follow recipes and handwashing poster. Ages 2-6

Teach Entrepreneurship & Business with these FREE pdf lessons from Scholastic & Shark Tank. Grades: 6-12

ChessKid is free to join and use. Kids can play unlimited games against other students. Play, learn, and have fun with this FREE chess site for kids. There is a premium version that isn’t necessary to enjoy their platform. Ages 6-13

Photography Lessons: Teach your kids photography with this FREE 70-page pdf with 16 lessons each with a photo assignment. Your child will learn photography fundamentals, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and specific photo technique. Ages 8+

BBC Bitesize is a website full of so many FREE resources covering a wide range of school subjects. Ages: 3-16

The Open Learning Initiative (OLI) is a grant-funded group at Carnegie Mellon University offering FREE online courses to anyone wanting to study a subject at their own pace. You must create a free account to access courses. These do not count towards college credit but can be used to meet High School course credits.

Geocaching is a FREE treasure hunt that is happening all over the world. This modern day treasure hunt will get you and your kids outside learning about their environment and incorporating math, map, and critical thinking skills. All Ages

Make Creative Writing part of your school year. NaNoWriMo is FREE and can make writing fun by allowing for all of the creativity without any of the stress, logistics, and red pen marks. The Young Writers Program has tons of FREE resources and your kids can participate in their event each November with smaller writing challenges year-round. Grades K-12 National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo) starts on Nov.1. It’s an empowering approach to creative writing. The challenge: draft an entire novel in just one month.

Free Art Posters: You can request free art posters from the National Gallery of Art.

Make a Rhyming Peg Board: Make a literacy game that combines practicing fine motor skills with learning rhyming with this FREE 5-page pdf template. Grades: preK-2

Magic Book: Kids can learn a lot of critical thinking skills by learning and performing magic tricks. This 30 pg FREE pdf has some great tricks and tips with illustrations. Ages 7+

All About Presidents activity book. 13 page FREE pdf. Grades 3-6

TED-Ed is a FREE web-based platform created for teachers with 1000s of video lessons and follow up reading and questions (multiple-choice and open ended). Ages 6-18

Build narrative skills with these FREE story cubes. Print on card stock for durability (pdf). Ages 4-10

Your High Schooler can compete to win a $25,000 scholarship at the National Constitution Bee on Oct 23rd in Brentwood, TN. Two free study guides for the competition or just use them to learn in your homeschool. Grades: 8-12

Math Games for littles. Fantastic 40-page pdf guide with step-by-step instructions for engaging our littlest homeschoolers in early math skills. Created by the University of Melbourne for small groups but can be implemented easily in your homeschool or with a group of friends. Ages 3-6

Celetial Hike: Help you child understand distances in space. Grades: preK-4

Spelling City is an online, interactive way to practice customized lists of spelling words. You can sign-up for a FREE account and create your own spelling list or choose from lists created by other users. Your child can also play word games to practice the assigned words. They offer a free and paid account.

If you like to use textbooks for high school, this US Government Complete Activity Pack is 128 pages and FREE covering the entire course that will meet your high school credit. 9th-12th. This accompanies this McGraw Hill US government textbook (Amazon):

Life skills and Self-awareness skills lesson and activity guide addressing critical thinking, emotional, and social skills. This 124-page FREE curriculum is designed for independent and group activities, but can be adjusted for your home as necessary or used in a co-op. Grades 5th-9th

Freezer Meals are a big time and money saver! This 78-page pdf will be a BIG Help in your homeschool. I did an all-day cooking event with another homeschool mom years ago, and it lasted Aug-Dec!

Whole Kids Foundation guide with 35 FREE lessons and activities to engage kids in an exploration of fruits, vegetables and healthy eating. Grades: Pre-K-5th

NASA Earth Observatory Resources: I was looking for stuff on biomes when I found this section of NASA’s site. It has tons of free resources and links to even more!

MIT offers 2,000+ of their college STEM programs online for FREE. Through this program, you may read through the syllabus, course materials, lecture notes, assignments, exams, videos, and more, as if you are taking a course straight from MIT (you won’t get college credit or a diploma; they are offering the knowledge only ). You can use this for high school credits or supplement extended learning or use the material to create your own course. 9th-12th

Smart Shopper: Teach your kids how to be a smart shopper using their critical thinking skills comparing products & prices and also about how to meal prep with this FREE 75-page unit study with 7 lessons/activities. Ages 10+

Free Homeschool ID: Every year I use the easy and free form they have on this website to make my student and teacher ID. I just print it at home and laminate it.

Human Anatomy Activity – You can trace your child’s body on a large paper and have them learn about their body’s systems with this FREE 27-page pdf. Older kids can get detailed. All ages.

Kids CAN learn Japanese (and other languages) with this FREE course. Learn basic grammar with the text, audio and colorful illustrations. Lots of other cool resources like cooking, culture, and more on this site. You can go lesson by lesson on the webpage or you can also download all 48 Lessons in one 61pg pdf. My son was really into anime when he was 7 and wanted to learn Japanese. It was so hard trying to find something that he could do. I hope some of you find this useful! All Ages

Age-appropriate FREE Health Lesson plans that include discussion questions, activities, printable handouts, quizzes, and answer keys for teachers. Grades: PreK-12th

JeopardyLabs is a FREE game quiz template site and a fun way to learn and review concepts. There also have pre-built quizzes.

Scratch is a FREE programming language created by MIT where kids can create their own interactive stories, games, and animations. Both my teens are programmers and scratch is where they started! Ages 7-16. Here’s a a step-by-step guide to build your own computer games with Scratch and you can also find YouTube videos.

Beast Academy math pdfs: variety of Games, Cards, Graph paper, & diff printable Rulers. Grades 1st-12th

Telling Time FREE No Prep Dice Game (pdf). Grades 1st-3rd

Guess in 10 game has a free online printable version on all categories. All Ages

Postcrossing is a FREE project where you to send and receive postcards from random people around the world. It’s a great way to learn about geography and other cultures. All ages

Watabou Procgen Arcana: This website lets you randomly generate fantasy maps of realms, cities, building plans etc. It’s supposed to be for role playing games.

This FREE 180pg Dungeons and Dragons rule book WITH character sheet templates is a great place to start playing. Ages 12+

Complete Free Home Economics Kitchen Skills Course covering safety, terms, chopping, nutrition, & basic cooking with quizzes. 5th-9th Grade. *This is created by a non-secular family so there is mention of the author’s faith.

TinkerCAD is a FREE web app for 3D design, coding, and electronics. Our library has a 3D printer and we take designs my kids create on a flash drive. Easy! But it’s fun just to create designs.

Horrible Histories has been one of our favorite book series. You can make a unit study for Terrible Tutors with this FREE 51pg teacher pack. Ages 8+. If you’re not familiar with it, read about it here: Terrible Tudor book

Periodic Table: This is a collection of FREE pdf printable periodic tables. Grades 7th-12th

Zearn Math is a FREE online math curriculum. I’ve not used it, but I know homeschoolers who have. Grades K-8th.

Geologic Time Scale: Eons, Eras, Periods, & Epochs. The Geologic time scale explained with a FREE printable. Grades 3rd-12th

FREE Word Search Puzzles online or print w/NO POPUPS. You can also create your own. Brain warm up! 4th-12th

Destinos is a FREE Spanish course taught in story form in 52 episodes. Under each video lesson, link to practice & quizzes. High School 9th-12th

Subject Explorer AI Tool: This FREE AI tool allows you to type in an activity (i.e. grocery shopping, gardening, etc.) and it tells you what ‘school subject’ it falls under or what ‘ concepts’ your child learned. K-12th

FREE Magic Tree House book series lesson plans. MTH books are great first chapter books my kids loved. Ages 6-10

Poetry 180 is a FREE resource created to encourage daily poetry reading. Start your new school year with a daily Poetry Teatime (and snacks!) 8th-12th

FREE Shark Week resource to learn about sharks in anticipation of SHARK WEEK starting on July 23 on Discovery. 🦈 This year’s Shark Week will include Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa, as host! 🔱 Shark Week is an annual television event that celebrates all things shark-related and has helped educate people and increase conservation efforts of sharks.

Download your FREE pdf hurricane tracking charts. Studying weather patterns and tracking hurricane’s is a favorite with my kids. All Ages

Cell Size and Scale: ZOOM IN from the scale of a coffee bean ☕️ all the way down to a carbon atom ⚛️ We have something like this at our local science museum and my kids love it. All Ages

This FREE Interactive is really cool and shows the size of biological structures in context.

FREE audiobooks for Kids from 8 different websites/apps – both classics and modern stories. All Ages

Lava In a Cup: Learn about the chemistry of LAVA LAMPS and make your own with this free 4-page pdf. Grades: preK-3rd

Comic Creator: See 120 Years of comics and create your own with this FREE pdf mini unit. Ages 7-10

Junior Ranger badges through the Nation Park Service. Since Covid a lot of them are available online and we’ve reached out to the parks as we’ve completed badges- some will email us back with more info or mail brochures and things from the parks. Craft Knife blog is our favorite for finding new places to learn about, it has everything that can be earned online.

Lego Life is a Free magazine mailed to your home 5x/year that has comics, activities, posters and other content. Ages 5-9

The U.S. Currency Education Program has tons of FREE educational resources on their website to download AND have mailed to you. Grades K-8th

Big history project is a FREE course that covers 13.7 billion years of history. Grades 6-10

ReadWorks is a FREE online platform designed to improve reading comprehension skills for homeschoolers. (almost free – requires donation you set $) It offers a wide range of reading materials, exercises, and lesson plans. K-12. I’ve never use this and not sure how “school-y” it is, but I know some homeschoolers that have used it

Best FREE Library offering! UDEMY! Thousands of libraries can connect patrons to thousands of video-based courses in business, technology, software, and personal development—and more than 10,000 courses are taught by instructors in their native language (French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish plus seven additional languages). This top collection, curated from 150,000+. Check your local library. Grades 9-12

Make homeschool IDs quick with the FREE easy form on Homeschool Buyers Club. They also do group discounted curriculum buys with homeschoolers all over. They used to be called Homeschool buyers co-op. All Ages

Free SAT practice Khan Academy and College Board teamed up to bring this free SAT PREP resource. Grades 9-12

Starfall is an app & website with educational activities, games, and songs. It covers reading, math, music, and social skills. It has a lot of FREE content but also a paid part. Grades: PreK-3

Learn Geography for FREE with Seterra. It’s is a Free website and App that has interactive map activities to master geography through fun games and quizzes. Over 400 games in 40 languages. Ages 8+

Create your citations with this FREE citation generator. You can also learn about all of the different citation formats. Grades 6-12

FREE math worksheets with answer keys from Math Aids that can be printed without signing up for a subscription. All Ages

Learn to type for FREE on EDclub. All Ages

Free guitar lessons and more from Justin Guitar. Grades 1-7

All 100 Bill Nye episodes completely FREE. If you’re not familiar, these are a homeschooler favorite! Nye combines the serious science of everyday things with fast-paced action and humor. He visits many places relating to the episode’s theme, showing interviews of people talking about their work and other contributions. Ages 7+

We’ve been using the FREE app Trello for years and realized many people don’t know about this super handy tool for Homeschool and personal organization & meal planning. It’s very user friendly and you can share ‘boards’ with your kids as they check off their assignments/chores. 5min video how do use Trello in your Homeschool. All Ages

Wild Kids Nature magazine is FREE to read online or print. Each issue features foraging information and botanical coloring pages for wild edible or medicinal plants, nature journal pages, seasonal poetry, and more. All Ages

Detailed College Application Organizer Free from BTDT to keep up with all the admission and financial aid deadlines for each application (Google Sheets). Grades 11-12

Alison offers over 4000 completely FREE self-paced courses you can use for high school. IT, life science, languages, business, finance, humanities, so many! The photography course is a favorite among homeschoolers. Grades 9-12

The Crash Course has created thousands of FREE videos on a wide variety of subjects, including history organic chemistry, math, study skills, literature, world history, business, biology, philosophy, theater, ecology, and many more. Grades 7-12

Khan Academy has FREE lessons. Math, language arts, science, history, AP, SAT, MCAT test prep, computing, arts & humanities, life skills, economics, and more. Grades K-12

FREE Instant Download Math Lessons from the Actuarial Foundation (made for classroom so you can modify for your homeschool). Grades 4-8

Free Interactive ‘Real-World’ Math Lessons for Middle School from Scholastic. Grades 6-8

The Art Sherpa contains over 600 FREE step by step video art lessons for beginners. We’ve used it many times to host our own paint parties! Grades 3-12

40 Business Ideas For Teens

Scroll down for your FREE Teen Business Start-up Packet

Business success knows no age limit, and the next big idea can come from anyone, including teenagers. Whether your teen has an entrepreneurial spirit or simply wants to earn some extra cash on their terms, there is so much value in starting a business.

When you’re starting a business, you want it to succeed. However, it’s common for new entrepreneurs – at any age – to become fixated on a business idea that isn’t exactly feasible. As a teenager, you’ll want to maximize your chances of business success. Choose an idea that you know you can follow through on, from the initial creation of the product/service, to marketing it, to knowing that there are enough people within your reach who could be benefitted from your business.

BTDT Homeschool was created with a heartfelt mission: to empower and give back to the secular homeschool community.

Through our informative podcasts, blog posts, daily inspiration, and a wide range of free printable tools, we aim to empower you on your homeschooling journey.

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No matter what age you are, there are legal requirements that must be adhered to by every business making money in the United States. This should be one of the first things you consider as a teenager starting a new business, as you’ll need to get the necessary permits and paperwork to make your business legal, so you can begin selling to customers. You can check online or with local officials to learn what you need to do to legally launch your business.

As a homeschooler, you have an advantage of a flexible school schedule to allow more time to pursue these interests. You’re also in some of the most transitional years of your life, as you move from high school to college – or straight into the working world. You’ll need to put extra thought into where you want your business to go over the next couple of years.

We discuss this and share valuable insights in Episode .049 Internships, First Job, Money, Entrepreneurship. This is the 9th episode in our High School Series.

40 Business Ideas for Teens

1. Car Washing Offer car wash services to busy individuals looking to keep their vehicles clean and shiny.

2. Data Entry Start a data entry business, which provides a flexible work schedule and valuable skill development.

3. Musician Form a band with friends, write music, and perform locally to turn your passion for music into a business.

4. Technology Tutor Help older adults navigate smartphones, tablets, and computers while making extra money.

5. Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Spend time with furry friends while earning money by pet sitting or walking dogs.

6. House Cleaning Offer housecleaning services to neighbors, helping them with chores like dusting, mopping, and vacuuming.

7. Seasonal Chores Tackle seasonal tasks such as decorating, snow removal, leaf raking, or gift wrapping.

8. Greeting Card Making Craft personalized greeting cards to sell to friends and family for special occasions.

9. Music Lessons Provide music lessons for instruments like piano, guitar, or violin to aspiring musicians.

10. Blogger Launch a blog on a topic you’re passionate about, grow an audience, and monetize it through advertising and affiliates.

11. House Sitting Keep an eye on homes while owners are away, taking care of mail, plants, and other tasks.

12. Art Teacher Share your artistic skills by offering art lessons to peers or younger children in the neighborhood.

13. Retail Arbitrage Hunt for high-quality items at low prices and resell them online or at local markets.

14. Farmers Market Vendor Sell homemade goods, crafts, food items, or beauty products at local farmers markets.

15. Web Designer Offer web design services to small businesses at a discounted rate, gaining experience and income.

16. Live-Streaming Gamer Play video games on platforms like Twitch.TV and earn money while doing what you love.

17. Child Care Provide babysitting services during weekends or after-school hours, and consider taking local child care classes to stand out.

18. Selling Handmade Crafts Create and sell your own crafts, whether locally or online, showcasing your artistic talents.

19. Graphic Designer Start a graphic design business, offering your design skills to friends or local businesses.

20. Academic Tutoring Help peers excel in subjects you’re passionate about, including math, science, and test preparation for standardized exams.

21. Podcaster Create a podcast around a niche topic, attract followers, and earn income through advertising.

22. Social Media Influencer Leverage your social media presence to collaborate with brands and earn income through sponsorships.

23. Language Tutor If bilingual, offer language tutoring services to help others learn a new language or improve their language skills.

Unsure about curriculum?
View our Curriculum Guide

24. Photographer or Videographer Capture moments through photography or videography for events, portraits, or social media content.

25. Candle Making Create and sell handmade candles, a craft that’s always in demand.

26. App or Game Development Create and publish your own app or online game, potentially earning revenue through app stores.

27. Transcription Transcribe interviews for local newspapers or businesses, improving typing skills and making money.

28. Errand Running Assist neighbors and friends with running errands, a valuable service for those with limited mobility.

29. Personal Organizer Help individuals declutter and organize their living spaces for a more streamlined lifestyle.

30. Freelance Writing Write articles, blog posts, or website content for businesses and online publications.

31. Bicycle Repair Offer bicycle repair services to your community, particularly during the warmer months.

32. Jewelry Making Craft and sell unique jewelry pieces, showcasing your creativity and style.

33. Social Media Management Help small businesses manage their social media accounts, creating posts and engaging with their audience.

34. Mobile Car Detailing Provide on-the-spot car detailing services, bringing the car wash to your clients.

35. Event Planning Assist with planning and organizing events such as birthday parties, weddings, and corporate gatherings.

36. Virtual Assistant Offer administrative support services to businesses remotely, handling tasks like scheduling and email management.

37. Gardening and Landscaping Help homeowners with gardening, landscaping, and yard maintenance projects.

38. Handyperson Services Fix minor household issues like leaky faucets, loose doorknobs, and small repairs.

39. Custom Clothing Printing Design and print custom clothing, such as T-shirts and hoodies, for individuals and groups.

40. Dog Grooming Learn basic dog grooming skills and offer grooming services for local pet owners.

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Teen Business Start-up Packet (pdf)

Outschool: What is it and should I use it in my homeschool?

What is Outschool?

Outschool is an education platform that connects teachers of any subject with students around the world for a variety of engaging small-group classes online.  It gives kids the opportunity to explore their interests via interactive, live video by experienced, independent educators.

How Many Courses Does Outschool Offers?

Outschool offers variety of classes and over 100,000 Interactive Online Classes for every age group from 3 to 18 years. You can use it as full academic classes or supplements. You can also have your kids choose their favorites and dive into their interests. Below is the vast list of subjects your kids might be show interest in. The content appeals to all different types of learners and there are countless subjects.  To name a few: life skills (like Future Chef’s Baking Club), social studies (like indigenous studies taught by members of First Nations), organization (like Conquering the Clutter), the arts (like Dance with Me and crochet), Study Skills to get ready for high school and college, and a First Grade Sight Word Bootcamp taught with fun and games.

What Type of Courses Does Outschool Offers?

  • Arts – Drawing, photography, dance, Theatre, Film, Sewing
  • Coding & Tech – Coding, Video Game Design, Robotics, Engineering, Internet Safety, Animation
  • English – Creative Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Book Club, Essay Writing, Poetry, Literature
  • Health & Wellness – Hygiene, Emotions, Exercise, Mindfulness, Nutrition
  • Life Skills – Cooking, Financial Skills, Study Skills, Social Skills, Critical Thinking
  • Math – Elementary math, Algebra, Numbers, Geometry, Fractions, Calculus, Statistics, Probability
  • Music – Guitar, Piano, Singing, Composers, Music Theory, Composing, Recording
  • Science & Nature – Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, Physics, Astronomy, Anatomy, Marine Biology, Psychology
  • Social Studies – Geography, World History, American History, Anthropology, Economics, Politics
  • World Languages – Spanish, American Sign Language, French, Japanese, Latin, German, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Mandarin
  • Leaner Favorites – Dungeons And Dragons, Fortnite, Lego, Pokemon, Minecraft, Cats, Dogs, Unicorn, Adventure

How Are Teachers at Outschool?

I personally know several friends that teach classes on Outschool. Many are homeschoolers, and many are classes that my own children have taken and loved. In general, you can find varied teachers with different personalities and backgrounds. You can choose a teacher that fits best with your teaching preference and style. Some of the teachers are retired teachers and others are passionate parents who are passionate about a subject and are really good at teaching. 

I’ve been really happy with every teacher we have used. They have kept my kids engaged and wanting to learn more about what is being taught. Most teachers offer a demo class for $20 or even less ranging between $10-15. You can use multiple trial and error demo classes to choose the best teacher that suits your requirements. When looking for a class, I would really recommend reading all the reviews about the teacher. Parents are pretty honest, and kids are pretty vocal when they’re not happy with a class. 

Most of the teachers love teaching and are exceptionally good with kids. 

Outschool offers small size classes and recommended class size to teachers as below:

  • For kids ages 6 and below – class size should be up to six learners in one class.
  • And for kids ages between 6-12 – maximum of 9 kids at a time is a pretty good class size.
  • Finally, Kids ages 12 and above – up to 12 learners are recommended.
  • The flexible schedule classes are capable of teaching 18 students at a time.

How Much is Outschool Classes?

Students can sign up for classes at a variety of costs.  Most one-time courses go for around $10.00 to $15.00 per student, depending on the length and content. Students can also sign up for ongoing and semester courses, which are priced comparably to one-time courses.  One-on-one classes and tutoring go for between $15.00 and $130.00 per session. Teachers’ charges vary as per subject, age range, content, and time.

What are the potential drawbacks of Outschool?

Here are some reasons that Outschool might not be a good fit for your family:

  1. Teachers: Some of the teachers are individual contractors which can make the classes hit or miss. There’s no guarantee that the teacher is going to be a good fit for your child.
  2. Special Needs: If your child has special needs, it is up to the teacher to decide if they will accommodate your child in their class. This is very inconvenient since some kids have different learning abilities at different levels. However, you can always reach out to the teacher before registering to address this issue to see if it’s a good fit.
  3. Payment: Payment is required upfront. If you encounter a problem and want a refund, you need to make a strong case to get one approved.
  4. Technical Problems: Technology isn’t perfect and if you I have tech issues, you may miss a live class. Fortunately, many live classes are available after, so your child can catch up if they miss. The best way to avoid this is to test out your equipment before class begins to make sure everything is working properly. They’ve made this system pretty streamlined. 

Is Outschool Right For You?

Outschool is a good resource and opportunity for learning something you may not want to teach and outsource or learn more about a special interest topic. It’s also a great way to learn something new from somebody other than mom. 

Personally, we have had a great experience and loved all the classes at Outschool. My kids have enjoyed both the group classes as well as one-on-one classes. They both prefer live classes but have also enjoyed pre-recorded classes because they can do them at their own pace. 

Outschool has been a great time-saver tool and has allowed me time to work one on one with my children while my other child is in a class. There are also several classes my kids have done together. 

I recommend that you try a class before you choose an 8-week program. Read all the reviews and sign up for a one-time class and see if the teacher seems engaging and is a fit for your family.

Making a Jell-O Cell

jello ce;;

Making a Jello Cell

Download your FREE Science Bundle to learn about Cells

Years ago, we did this project to kick off our “Not Back to School” week. My kids are teenagers now but still remember the Jello Cell Activity!

Cells are the basic unit of all life. All living organisms, including plants, are composed of trillions of cells, each containing its own set of organelles responsible for a host of functions that ultimately enable the larger organism to function. Create an edible cell model with your children to help them understand the structure of cells in a fun and hands-on way!

Materials Needed*

  • Small strips of paper
  • Tape
  • Toothpicks
  • Jell-O mix
  • Water
  • Glass square container
  • Pineapple Ring
  • Maraschino Cherry
  • Fruit roll-ups
  • Sugar-coated gummy worms
  • Smooth gummy worms
  • Gumdrops
  • Sixlets
  • Raisins
  • Gobstoppers
  • Sprinkles

*Use any variation of candy to represent if you can’t locate an ingredient. Get creative!

BTDT Homeschool was created with a heartfelt mission: to empower and give back to the secular homeschool community.

Through our informative podcasts, blog posts, daily inspiration, and a wide range of free printable tools, we aim to empower you on your homeschooling journey.

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Enjoy your delicious and educational Jell-O cell model!

  1. Labeling the Organelles
    • Write the name of each organelle on a small strip of paper.
    • Tape each strip to a toothpick.
    • Insert the toothpick into the gelatin next to the corresponding organelle to label the components of your cell model.
  2. Preparing the Jell-O
    • Make the Jell-O according to package instructions, but use about ¾ of the recommended water.
    • This ensures your “cytoplasm” will be sturdy enough to hold all of the “organelles” without shifting or sinking to the bottom of the cell.
  3. Creating the Cell Model
    • Pour the Jell-O into a container (a glass square container works well).
    • The container will act as the cell wall or membrane.
    • For a plant cell, you may want to use lime Jell-O.
  4. Setting the Jell-O
    • Place the Jell-O in the refrigerator for about 45 minutes, until it is almost set but not quite.
    • While waiting, prepare the other supplies.
    • Cut the nectarine in half, ensuring the pit stays in one half.
    • Cut the fruit roll-ups into ¼ inch strips.
  5. Adding the Organelles
    • Nucleus: Slip the pineapple ring with cherry into the center of the Jell-O representing the nucleus
    • Rough and Smooth ER (endoplasmic reticulum): Place some sugar-coated and smooth gummy worms around one side of the nucleus to represent rough and smooth ER.
    • Centrosomes: Push a few gumdrops around the nucleus
    • Lysosomes: Scatter sixlets through the Jell-O for lysosomes.
    • Mitochondria: Use raisins to represent the mitochondria.
    • Vacuoles: Use Gobstoppers to symbolize vacuoles.
    • Ribosomes: Sprinkle the Jell-O with sprinkles to represent ribosomes.
    • Golgi bodies: Fold your fruit roll-ups into accordions and insert them as Golgi bodies.
  6. Finalizing the Cell Model
    • Allow the Jell-O to set for about 20 more minutes, or until fully set.

This hands-on project will not only provide a fun and engaging activity in your homeschool, but it also teaches your children to visualize and understand the structure of cells in a creative way.

Years later, when my son was in Homeschool High School Biology, he created a “Cell Cake” without my help. He had a lot of fun with this one too!

Check out our Early Science Page and Podcast Episode >>

Read Further About Cells >>

Download FREE Cell Pack:

Download your FREE 8-page Cell Pack >>

The Bittersweet Beauty of Homeschooling: From Little Feet to Flying Wings

The Bittersweet Beauty of Homeschooling

As I reflect on our homeschooling journey, I realize how profoundly it has shaped our lives and the special connection we share. 

I have always chosen to homeschool my two children, and even after going through a divorce, I remained committed to homeschooling them. This allowed me the privilege to witness their growth and development up close, fostering a closeness that would not have been possible had they been in school every day.

Although the dynamics of my relationship with my older teenager and young adult are different, it remains a close and cherished connection. 

I often find myself longing for the days when their little feet would patter down the hallway and they would jump into my bed for morning snuggles.

When you become a parent, there are challenges and genuine concerns that weigh heavily on a parent’s mind. 

One of the most profound worries that grips the hearts of parents is the constant concern for the well-being of their child. Every fever, cough, or bump brings a wave of anxiety, and the responsibility to ensure your little one’s health can be overwhelming. The struggles of sleepless nights with a baby, the uncertainties of weaning and potty training, and the never-ending energy of a toddler can be exhausting.

We strive to create a nurturing environment, filled with warmth and support, to help our children thrive and embrace the world with confidence.

As they grow, we become increasingly concerned about their emotional and social development. Choosing to homeschool can come with countless additional concerns and anxieties. Making financial sacrifices, selecting curricula, managing an ongoing flow of projects, fostering emotional intelligence, and facing the relentless mountain of laundry. We worry about teaching them to read, mastering multiplication tables, and writing essays. The days can be mentally and physically exhausting.

Yet, within the chaos, there are moments of pure magic that make your heart swell, like when they wake up on their birthday and you announce that school is canceled just for them. You try to savor the magic of such occasions, but time slips away so quickly.

BTDT Homeschool was created with a heartfelt mission: to empower and give back to the secular homeschool community.

Through our informative podcasts, blog posts, daily inspiration, and a wide range of free printable tools, we aim to empower you on your homeschooling journey.

New to Homeschooling>>>

You embrace their passions wholeheartedly – music lessons, dance classes, sports, science projects, and exciting field trips. You stretch your monthly budget to accommodate these experiences because they are the very reason you have chosen this life. 

Yet, amidst the whirlwind, it becomes difficult to see just how swiftly everything is moving when you are right in the middle of it all.

Suddenly, those late-night nursing sessions, morning cuddles, daily read-alouds, handwriting lessons, math problems, museum workshops, and park days transform into months and years.

That little person who once cuddled up with their favorite book is now a young adult with a life of their own.

The chaos and laughter that once reverberated throughout your home now give way to silence and solitude.

You are no longer the parent of a young child who relies on you for everything, and the prospect of letting go feels like a knife.

You find yourself wondering how time has slipped away so quickly. It never seems like there was enough of it.

Did you teach them the right lessons? Did you read enough books to them? Did you spend enough time playing together? Do they truly understand just how much you love them? What could you have done better as a parent?

It wasn’t a perfect journey. 

Parenting never is.

But you were there.

That is why you chose homeschooling—to be present and witness it all. It may not make the process any easier, but you were there, and both you and your children are better for it.

Parenting is the most remarkable experience of my life. It’s filled with wonder and heartache.

But it never feels like enough time.

To all the exhausted parents with young children struggling to navigate the chaos, I urge you to cherish every moment and every stage.

Because one day, all those wild days filled with read alouds, messy projects, field trips, co-ops, phonics lessons, math tears, enchanting birthday mornings, snuggles, and weekday sleepovers will come to an end.

And then, you’ll be left hoping that you did enough things right, so that when your children spread their wings and take flight, they soar with resilience, confidence, and love.

Free Audiobooks for Kids


Audiobooks are a fantastic way to entertain your kids with classic and modern stories, introduce them to historical periods and situations that are different from their own, and help them practice listening comprehension. If you’re trying to prep dinner or working one on one with another child, setting your child up with a good audiobook can give you the space to get things done. 

We’ve listed some websites below where you can find FREE audiobooks for your children (including plenty of children’s classics) and a few recommendations to get you started.

PBS Kids

If your little one loves picture books, they’ll be delighted by Read-Along with PBS Kids! This playlist features children’s books read by the author or a notable person, including former first lady Michelle Obama and US poet laureate Joy Harjo.


Through Spotify, you can access tons of free audiobooks in the public domain, such as:

Beyond these beloved classics, Spotify also has a whole Spoken Word section dedicated to audiobooks, poems, and other non-musical resources. You will need to create a free Spotify account to access any of these items.

BTDT Homeschool was created with a heartfelt mission: to empower and give back to the secular homeschool community.

Through our informative podcasts, blog posts, daily inspiration, and a wide range of free printable tools, we aim to empower and assist you on your homeschooling journey. We believe in equipping you with valuable resources to make your homeschooling experience successful and enjoyable.


The Storynory podcast offers short weekly audiobooks based on folklore and fairy tales from around the world. Popular retold tales include stories by The Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, and Aesop.

Use these links to listen to the podcast on one of these popular listening platforms:


Another robust collection of public domain literature, Lit2Go leans into education by rating all of its titles on the Flesch-Kincaid grade level scoring system. This makes it easy to filter and browse audiobooks by grade level, from kindergarten through 12th grade. You can play books by chapter with the on-page audio player and read along with the text, or download the audiobook, often through a link to iTunes U. 

Harper Kids

The Harper Kids YouTube channel features author read-alongs of popular picture books in their Storytime Read Aloud playlist. Older children who are ready for chapter books may enjoy The Graveyard Book, read by the author Neil Gaiman.

Free Audibooks on LibriVox

LibriVox has created thousands of free classic audiobooks read by volunteers. Like Spotify, all books available on LibriVox are open to the public domain, so you won’t find some of the more modern stories that are still under copyright.

While not all of these audiobooks are suitable for a younger child’s listening comprehension level, LibriVox has many books by authors who are taught in elementary and middle school, including:


Through OverDrive’s app Libby, you can access audiobooks available from your local library and listen to them online. Because every library purchases a different selection of books, the children’s books you can find will vary depending on where you live. Also, you’ll need to have a library card to access OverDrive and Libby.

Try this Library Finder to find the library nearest to you that uses OverDrive. If your local library does not use Overdrive, ask them if they offer a similar audiobook platform. Most libraries do, and they will be happy to get you set up!

Story Seeds

This podcast features short stories written by kids ages 6 to 12 in collaboration with bestselling children’s authors. A few fun episodes to start with include:

Plus, if your child has a story idea of their own, they can submit it to the podcast here!

Homeschooling FAQ Guide

Homeschool FAQ
apples, books, school-2276269.jpg

FAQ Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you considering or ready to homeschool your child but feeling a bit uncertain? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! As seasoned homeschool moms, we understand the doubts and concerns that can arise when embarking on this educational journey. But fear not, we are here to help you navigate through your questions and provide encouragement every step of the way! Meet Maria & Nicole.

Through our informative podcasts, blog posts, daily inspiration, and a wide range of free printable tools, we aim to empower and assist you on your homeschooling journey. We believe in equipping you with valuable resources to make your homeschooling experience successful and enjoyable.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily tips and inspiration:

What is homeschooling?

Homeschooling is a legal method of providing personalized instruction and support for your child’s learning needs, outside the confines of a traditional brick-and-mortar classroom. Typically facilitated by a parent, this approach to education allows you to tailor the learning experience to suit your child’s individual requirements. Many people choosing to homeschool need to take time to shift their views on and the ideas they have been taught about education. We find this especially difficult for our ex-public school teacher friends that have chosen to homeschool. To help you rediscover what education can mean to you and your family, visit What is a Homeschool Lifestyle?

Do I need to be a certified teacher to homeschool my child?

While it’s important to check the laws in your state, let me reassure you that, at present, teacher certification is not a mandatory requirement for homeschooling in the United States. However, some states do require some level of accountability or supervision. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the specific regulations in your area to ensure compliance. Check your State Homeschool Laws

Getting Started Page>>>>

New episode every Thursday to guide you on your homeschool journey:

Do I really have what it takes to homeschool my children?

Whether you’re a new homeschooler or have been homeschooling for years, every one of us has encountered fear and worry at some point. Learn how to Gain Confidence as a Homeschooler and building the confidence in yourself as we give you the tools you’ll need when you’re struggling and needing assurance.

Do I need a dedicated classroom space?

Creating a designated classroom space is not a prerequisite for homeschooling success. Although many homeschooling families do have a dedicated area for teaching, it’s entirely possible to provide an enriching educational experience without one. What truly matters is fostering an atmosphere for learning and finding a peaceful corner where your child can study without distractions. Remember, the world itself can be your classroom, offering limitless opportunities for exploration and discovery! See picture of our homeschool room through the years

How do I know what to teach my child?

While it’s crucial to follow your state’s educational requirements, remember to consider your child’s individual skill levels as well. If your child has been struggling in their current grade level or a particular concept, it’s perfectly acceptable to take a step back and revisit subjects they find challenging. If you’ve recently unenrolled your child from a traditional school environment, be sure to take time to Deschool. Don’t skip this crucial step!


Homeschooling allows you the flexibility to tailor their education to suit their specific strengths and weaknesses. On the other hand, if your child excels academically, homeschooling provides ample opportunities to challenge and engage them at a higher level or incorporate hands-on projects. Embrace the beauty of customization in homeschooling! Download your FREE PreK – 12th skills Checklist

How do I socialize my child?

Socialization is one of the biggest myths of homeschooling.  If anything, because we had a shorter school day and this more time for events/activities, I actually found we were too social and sometimes struggled to find time to get chores done at home! Learn more about Socialization and get your FREE Socialization Guide.

What if I need to teach a subject I struggle with or never learned?

Many homeschoolers encounter this situation at some point during their teaching journey. Don’t worry! There are many ways to overcome this challenge. Most curriculum come with scripted teacher guides so don’t let them accumulate dust on the bookshelf! You can also utilize online instruction or textbooks to fill in the gaps in your own knowledge. Additionally, you may find local brick and mortar a-la-cart classes or tutors. You can also enlist the help of other family members who have expertise in those subjects or join a homeschool co-op. Another wonderful approach is to learn alongside your child—a win-win situation that fosters a love of learning and strengthens your bond.

Will my house be overrun with science experiments?

Balancing homelife and homeschooling your kids can be challenging. Before many of us even started homeschooling, we may have already struggled to manage motherhood, your marriage or partner, housework, meals, work, adult friendships, and other commitments. Adding in homeschooling is just another level to an already high demand on your time. It might mean that something has to give. Learn 12 Ways to Balance Your Home and Homeschool.

Where can I find homeschooling resources and curriculum?

A simple Google search will reveal a plethora of suppliers catering to every subject under the sun. However, let us save you some time and effort. This page and podcast episode, 7 Steps to Choosing Homeschool Curriculum is an excellent starting point to help you begin to narrow down your search!

The internet is a wealth of information when it comes to educational materials. This resource will spare you the daunting task of sifting through countless products that don’t work for you or your children saving you time and money. We’ve created a Curriculum Guide to help narrow down the search. Keep in mind that what worked for a friend’s child may not be a good fit for you or possibly what worked for your older child may not be a fit for your younger child. We will help you to find the perfect curriculum for your entire family. We will be doing some curriculum unboxing so stay tuned as we show you pages of curriculum up close!

Curriculum Guide >>

I have my curriculum and resources—what now?

Take a deep breath and trust your instincts. Remember, you have been teaching your child since the day they entered your family, and no one knows them better than you. Homeschooling is simply the next step in this journey. Don’t worry about making mistakes or feeling ill-equipped—we’ve all been there! Take time to review your materials thoroughly, read the provided instructions, and dive in. If you encounter challenges along the way (and trust me, we all do!), reach out to other homeschooling parents for support and assistance. Facebook groups and local homeschool groups are fantastic sources of information and encouragement.

Facebook Resource Group
Homeschool Freebies & Support  for PreK-12
Free Instant download resources from all over the world in this Facebook Group:
Homeschool Freebies PreK-12th

What if my child is special needs?

You may be a parent that has considered or chosen to homeschool because your child has a learning disability or needs an accommodation to help them learn. You may have battled your school system for a curriculum suitable to accommodate them. You may have asked yourself, “Can I homeschool my child?” The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Learn more about homeschooling a child with a learning difference

But what about high school and college?

Making a unique and personalized high school experience for each of them has been one of the coolest things – and you too can do that for your teenager! Doing so will offer an opportunity to not only equip them with everything they need for college or the workforce but also tailor their education to match their individual interests and passions. With our High School Series you can provide your children with a solid foundation and the necessary skills to thrive in life: at their 4-year universities, the workplace, and personally.

12-Part High School Series
Making a 4-year plan to graduation and beyond

In conclusion

Pay attention to your child’s learning habits and style and adapt your teaching methods to suit their needs. Remember, homeschooling involves a lot of trial and error, and there’s no one-size-fits-all formula. Be patient with both your student and yourself as you explore the right path for your family. If something doesn’t work, keep an open mind and change it up! Homeschooling allows you the flexibility to do this so use this to your advantage. Rest assured that by working towards providing the best education for your child, you are destined success!

Embrace this wonderful journey. While uncertainties may linger, know that you have the love, dedication, and support needed to create an incredible educational experience for your child. You’re not alone—we’re all here cheering you on, ready to share our experiences and wisdom. You’ve got this!

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